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What are the requirements for the ground when installing the parking lot management system? After the production and processing of the parking lot management system is completed, when we transport the equipment to the place of use, we must first consider the installation. How to ensure the stability of the parking lot management system in the use process is the primary consideration before installing the equipment. The installation of the parking lot management system has a great relationship with the external environment. First, before fixing the equipment, we should determine the location of its peripheral equipment, such as sentry box, safety island, etc. once these equipment are fixed, they cannot be changed. Similarly, the installation location of the parking lot management system can be determined only when these equipment are fixed. The installation of parking lot management system has a great relationship with the ground. Firstly, the leveling of the ground is the primary condition of fixed equipment. If our equipment is fixed on the safety island, we should ensure the leveling of the safety island ground. Only the leveling of the ground can the equipment be firmly fixed on the ground. Secondly, as an important part of the parking lot management system, the working stability of the ground induction coil directly affects the operation effect of the whole system. Therefore, the production of the ground induction coil is a very important work link in the process of engineering installation. Therefore, the following points should be considered before laying the ground induction coil: first, there should be no large amount of metal within 50 cm around, such as well cover Rainwater ditch cover plate, etc; 2、 There shall be no more than 220V power supply lines within one meter around; 3、 When making multiple coils, the distance between coils shall be greater than two meters, otherwise they will interfere with each other. Therefore, the laying of ground induction coil plays a great role in the later use of parking lot management system. In addition, the slope and width of the entrance and exit of the parking lot will bring some trouble to the installation of the parking lot system. Therefore, to ensure the stability of the parking lot management system in the later use process, we must understand the on-site use environment before installation.

What Are the Requirements for the Ground When Installing the Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewan 1

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