TGW является профессором дизайна и решения для системы управления парковкой 

Тип створки Турникет Ворота

Flap type turnstile gate, one of the pedestrain passage management equipment, mainly used for pedestrian passage management; Its blocking body (gate wing) is generally a fan-shaped plane, perpendicular to the ground, through elasticity to achieve blocking and release. With the features of fast opening, safety and convenience, it is an ideal management and dredging equipment for pedestrians with high frequency access. It has been widely used in subway, wharf, clubs, smart buildings, villas, hotel lobbies and other high-end places with concentrated human flow. It can cooperate with smart card to realize the function of off-model ticket management system and form unattended management of personnel entering and leaving.

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Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co., Ltd является ведущим поставщиком решений для управления доступом для интеллектуальной системы парковки транспортных средств, системы распознавания номерных знаков, турникета контроля доступа для пешеходов, терминалов распознавания лиц и Решения для парковки LPR .
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