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With the development of social economy and the increase of social vehicles, people have more and more demand for parking lots. High automation, safety and efficiency are people's requirements for parking lots. In this context, the rapid development of intelligent parking system is not surprising. So, what is an intelligent parking system? What are its functions? For the definition of intelligent parking lot system, let me paste it from Baidu Encyclopedia. Intelligent parking lot system refers to the automatic identification device installed at the entrance and exit of the parking area based on modern electronic and information technology, and the intelligent management such as judgment and identification, access / rejection, guidance, recording, charging and release of vehicles entering and leaving the area through non-contact card or license plate recognition. Its purpose is to effectively control the access of vehicles and personnel, Record all details and automatically calculate the charging amount to realize the safety management of vehicles and charges in the site. In short, the intelligent parking lot system is used for vehicle safety management and charging. The main functions and characteristics are as follows. 1、 The strict charging system ensures the revenue of the parking lot. For the management of artificial cash charging, the charging system of intelligent parking lot is undoubtedly very powerful. The intelligent parking lot generally adopts the IC card charging system. The card consumption of all models has computer records and statistics. There are almost no financial loopholes, which can effectively manage the finance, so as to protect the interests of the parking lot. 2、 High anti-counterfeiting performance, eliminate loopholes, IC card has high confidentiality, high encryption performance, and it is very difficult to crack imitation. Ordinary computers can't be cracked in ten years, which can ensure the safe and normal operation of the parking lot. 3、 Card custom management, automatic image comparison, simple and safe, intelligent parking lot is very convenient for the management of all kinds of cards. The computer can record the detailed data of all kinds of cards, and can define all kinds of cards, such as monthly rent card, temporary view card, stored value card, time rent card, etc. it is very easy to re handle the loss of cards. The parking cards of intelligent parking lot have the storage of license plate number. One card is dedicated. In addition, the system image comparison function effectively ensures the safety of parked vehicles. The working principle is as follows. When the intelligent parking lot controller senses that the vehicle is, it automatically calls out the vehicle information. When the vehicle swipes the card, the recognition system compares the brand recognized again, and displays the vehicle information on the display, including the card number, status, time and owner's information of the vehicle. If the information does not match, the system will issue a warning and arrange relevant personnel to deal with it. 4、 The durability of cards is high. The durability here mainly refers to the IC card. The IC card has the function of dustproof and waterproof. The coil is used for data transmission and receiving energy, and all are sealed without magnetization interference. It can be used for about 100000 times. Car park car park advanced car park management system can bring us advanced and scientific management. It can effectively eliminate the loss of revenue caused by the financial loopholes of traditional parking system, and increase the safety and overall revenue of the car park.

What Is an Intelligent Parking System? What Functions Does It Have_ Taigewang Technology 1

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