Several Development Stages of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology

The role of parking lot in life mainly undertakes the functions of parking charge and management. However, with the continuous development of technology and the introduction of full video recognition technology, full video parking guidance technology, reverse car search technology and mobile Internet technology, the parking lot is gradually developing in the direction of platform, cloud and intelligence. With the continuous growth of urban vehicle ownership in the future, the advantages between the entrance and exit occupancy of parking lot and traditional access control become more and more obvious. At present, the changes of the entrance and exit of the parking lot are mainly reflected in three aspects: 1. Due to the improvement of the license plate recognition rate, the entrance and exit control technology has gradually replaced the IC card retrieval method by the license plate recognition method; 2. The parking space guidance system has gradually developed from wireless ultrasonic technology to video recognition technology; 3, the parking fee is paid by traditional cash payment to mobile phone APP, such as self service payment, central payment, WeChat, Alipay and so on. Under the rendering of the concept of smart parking, the competitive focus in the field of smart parking at this stage has gradually shifted from hardware technology to Internet parking applications. Among them, mobile payment has become a key breakthrough in entering the smart parking industry circle. Many car park manufacturers have integrated the parking links into the operation of shopping arcade and membership system. Through the smart APP client, the car owners can help the owners realize the intelligent parking experience such as parking reservation, parking (video recognition), car searching (parking guidance), self service payment (other mobile payment methods such as WeChat, Alipay). Whether it is from the Internet access control to the smart community or from the entrance and exit of the parking lot to the smart Park, smart commerce and other fields, the innovative application of access control and smart parking lot based on mobile Internet is undoubtedly moving from the hardware system to the next service operation stage, which is also a development trend in the field of intelligent entrance and exit.

Several Development Stages of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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