Parking Is Simple, and the Automatic Gate System of License Plate Recognition Plays a Great Role_ Ta

Now many people are eager to develop in big cities, not only because of the prosperity of the city, but also because developed cities have convenient transportation facilities. With the growth of urban population, urban transportation will face greater pressure due to the growth of cars. Now many cities are facing this difficult problem. In order to give people a good parking environment, many parking companies aim to make it more convenient for owners to go out and park without spending a lot of time on parking. At present, more and more intelligent parking lots use automatic license plate recognition technology. Automatic license plate recognition is an advanced recognition technology, which can capture vehicle video or dynamic and static image information, and automatically analyze the license plate number and license plate color. A complete license plate recognition system must include vehicle detection, image acquisition, license plate recognition, automatic gate and so on. The technical core includes license plate location algorithm, license plate characterization algorithm and optical character recognition algorithm. The whole process of the parking lot using the license plate recognition automatic gate system does not need manual processing. The most important thing is that it does not need to use magnetic stripe card or credit card, which will not delay the owner's time, but also improve the effectiveness of access control in the parking lot. It also has wechat payment function. Users can complete self-service payment on their mobile phone by opening wechat scanning code without waiting in line. Car park car park can also be viewed and obtained by WeChat official account of the intelligent parking lot. There is no need to worry about finding a car and searching blindly in a huge parking lot.

Parking Is Simple, and the Automatic Gate System of License Plate Recognition Plays a Great Role_ Ta 1

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