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With the improvement of people's living standards, the number of private cars is increasing, and parking spaces have become scarce resources. The problem of difficult parking has been perplexing people's life. The war for parking spaces is becoming more and more intense, especially in community parking. The lack of parking spaces and the proliferation of vehicles form a huge contrast. How does the parking lot system solve the parking problem in the community? Anxious to get off work every day, not because of work tension, but because the parking space in the community is too tight. This has become a problem that car owners worry about every day. Grabbing parking spaces has become the most important thing in their life every day. The channels in and out of the community are filled with vehicles every day, and the pedestrian channels are occupied by private cars. People can only shuttle back and forth in the traffic flow, which is extremely unsafe. It is understood that due to the free access of vehicles in the community, many foreign vehicles are parked in the community, resulting in the parking spaces of people living in the community being occupied by foreign vehicles, which eventually leads to the increasingly serious problem of parking in the community. How can we make the community management more standardized and make it easier for people to park? Taigewang license plate recognition parking lot system can judge whether the vehicle is a fixed vehicle in the community by identifying the license plate number, so as to prevent foreign vehicles from entering the community. At the same time, it can ensure people's parking safety by saving the vehicle license plate number information. For vehicles in fixed places, the parking lot system adopts the license plate recognition function, which can save manual management at the entrance and exit, and directly control the switch of the road gate through the recognized information, which is simple and convenient. In view of the difficult parking problem in the community, the government is also taking corresponding measures to alleviate the difficult parking problem. Encourage the construction of three-dimensional garage and strive to park more vehicles in the limited land resources. In addition, encourage the opening of parking spaces at the wrong time so that people can park for free within the specified time. Through the management of vehicles in the parking lot system, people can park more at ease.

How Does the Parking Lot System Alleviate the Difficulty of Parking in the Community_ Taigewang Tech 1

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