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Leading brand covering wide range of POS products offering perfect service system and guarantees to meet all customer needs. Securing data with POS systems in every transactions is our spell. As different business having different profiles, POS serves better with your needs.

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POS keep track of your inventory, analyse sales reports, managing bills and orders, gathering contact details of your best clients, your products details on monthly or daily basis, compatible to use with offline mode. We are globally recognized by our brand and we are delighted to serve our customers well. Choose the best POS system terminal of ours which consists fast, easy and cheap to install for your business.

We enumerate a better enhancement for your sales process, to escalate your transactions into a quite bid level. Thereby it helps to track down and superintend inventory in a real time basis and can watch number of items remain in stock easily and can order swiftly how many items are needed. Point of sale system helps to keep accurate record of daily transactions and reports about the volume of stock.

We have the advanced POS Terminals, Softwares and Accessories which facilitates the POS solutions and softwares for Restaurant, Supermarket, Wholesale, Retail, Hotel, Pizzeria. ZKTeco is known for the best Android POS and devices which enumerate for best solution provider.ZKTeco POS Solutions and ServicesProviding better quality and igniting innovations with customer satisfaction.

Array of solutions for your bunch of confusions in business operations, highlighting customer management and excels in system integration services. ZKPOS tailored its functions beyond POS systems which include Time Attendance systems, Access control systems, Biometric systems, Video Surveillance, Smart Lock facilities, Entrance control, and Security Inspection. ZKPOS solutions designed to power your business, enhance productivity translate to profitability.

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It makes a better elucidate customer relationship management with the happy customers. Helps in to find out a record of a single customer or multiplies. It itself creates an updated system in which no need to hire individuals to maintain thousands of transactions.

ZKPOS system helps to look up for the past transactions and can automate the ordering criteria towards the tropical selling products. It includes the ZKPOS Supermarket, Wholesale, Retail, Restaurant, Hotel, Caf, Pizzeria and Clothing which finds a systematic solution to all related functions of areas. Here it eliminates the chances of user errors because the software does it for correction and entered information into an accurate and corrective manner.

RELATED QUESTION How do I find cheap and reliable e-cigarette suppliers in China? Importing Electronic Cigarettes from ChinaElectronic cigarettes are one of the few products that could be considered a home grown product in China. Since the first units rolled off the assembly lines in Shenzhen about 10 years ago, the electronic cigarettes have presented itself as a serious alternative to smokers that still want to take a puff now and then.

However, e-cigarettes are still a topic of high level controversy, and regulations are still on the drawing board in both the US and EU. The product is also lethal if not manufactured according to the relevant safety standards. Keep reading and we explain why.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers in China Theres only one place in the world to go if youre looking for electronics, the Guangdong province. Roughly 87% of the Electronic cigarettemanufacturers based here. Of these, the majority isbased in Shenzhen, a city bordering Hong Kong.

But there are also quite a few suppliers located in Dongguan, Huizhou and Zhongshan all of which are also based in Guangdong province. The industry jump started in 2010 and 2011 when hundreds of new suppliers starting manufacturing and trading (thats two different things) electronic cigarettes. This was before most western government had yet reacted to the influx of this, still controversial, product.

Ill get to that in a bit.A lot of suppliers caught on this trend and started trading electronic cigarettes, rather than manufacturing the product themselves. If you browse a site youll quickly notice that most suppliers are mere traders, with very little registered capital (ranging from RMB 30,000 to 100,000).

Stay away from these suppliers. They cant offer a better price. They can rarely offer smaller volumes and certainly not smaller volumes of electronic cigarettes that are compliant with EU andUS product certification standards.

What they can offer is an extra, non-transparent, layer between you and the actual manufacturer. A manufacturer you know nothing about. Components and Product Specifications Theres no universal definition of good quality.

Instead, you need to know what defines good quality. As with every product, there are certain features and parameters thatdefines the quality standardof an electronic cigarette. To begin with, there are 4 main categories of electroniccigarettes:1.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes 2. Disposable Electronic Cigarettes (Non-Rechargeable) 3. E-Go Electronic Cigarettes 4.

Personal Vaporizers Product specifications vary between the different types of electronic cigarettes. For example, you dont need to bother with E-liquid cartridges if youre purchasing Disposable Electronic Cigarettes. But there are still a number of common quality factors that buyers should take into consideration when selecting a product: Cartridge Puffs: 200 500 Cartridge Capacity: 1.

X ml Child-proof spring switch: Yes / No Body material: Mouthpiece material: LED: Yes / No Charger type: USB Battery Capacity: XXX mAh Weight: XXg Working voltage: 3.X 3.X VBatteryMost suppliers can offer batteries of different capacities.

Its a critical component, since the number of puffs is limited not only by the E-liquid, but also the battery capacity. The relation between the battery capacity and the number of puffs is something like this: 650mah: 600-650 puffs 900mah: 800-850 puffs 1100mah:1000-1050 puffs Theres also a limit to the battery life. However, the battery shall be rechargeable at least 300 times.

Charger Most suppliers offer both USB chargers and Power socket chargers. Id go for the USB charger. The voltage in a power socket is much higher than the voltage in a USB socket (around 5 V).

An overloaded power socket charger can cause personal injury and outbreak of fire. Ive seen it happen. On the other hand, an overcharged USB is likely to result in little more than a voltage drop or cut.

That wont kill anyone or burn down a house.E-liquidsThe E-liquid, or E-juice, is the active substance in the electronic cigarettes and usually contains the following: Propylene glycol Vegetable glycerin Nicotine Flavorings However, theres no set standard of what substances E-liquid shall contain, not to mention the content of each substance. This is also a current topic of debate among regulators around the world, particularly in the European Union and United States.

In the European Union, the legal situation is more fragmented. So far, theres no EU wide product safety standard that applies specifically to electronic cigarettes. However, EU states have implemented their own regulations.

As of today, its legal to import and sell electronic cigarettes and liquids with nicotine in the following EU countries: United Kingdom Germany Italy Poland Ireland Latvia Lithuania Still, electronic cigarettes are still a topic of debate and further regulations are to be expected. This post could be outdated two weeks from now, so make sure youread up on the current regulationsbefore you import electronic cigarettes or e-liquids from China.In Australia, electronic cigarettes are regulated on a state level.

Recently, Western Australia banned imports and sales of electronic cigarettes of all kinds. While imports are still legal for personal use, Australian importers better stay away from electronic cigarettes altogether. Product Certification Requirements Even though regulations specifically for electronic cigarettes are still on the drawing board, in both Europe and America, that is not saying that product certification standards dont apply to the hardware.

Electronic cigarettes are subject to certification standards regulating electronic products. These include the following:European Union RoHS (Assembled product & individual components) CE (Assembled product & individual components) REACH (Mouthpiece & plastic case) Need a helping hand? When you order a Starting Package we source Electronic cigarette suppliers able to show previous compliance, and guide you step-by-step through the whole ordering process.

There are several reported casesof e-cigarettes exploding and catching fire. Keep in mind the importer is always held responsible, in case a product causes personal injury or property damage. Ensuring product certification compliance is always critical when importing from China.

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How to Setup POS Machine for a Business in India
How to Setup POS Machine for a Business in India
In a business, about countless transactions take place. The volume of cash and credit is huge making the tracking of every penny a gruesome process. Maintaining reports of cash flow and sales in a retail store is an important task, as it aids in forecasting and detailing what is left in stock. However, doing it all these actions manually is not easy.Due to the barriers and errors in manual computing, the Point of Sale (POS) system is an essential and efficient system that processes transactions as well as tender cash daily. A POS system comprises of the space where your customer makes the payment for the products as well as services purchased from the store. Networked together with the available computer hardware, it works together to track the sales as well as an inventory of the store.POS system serves many benefits to the retail store: Better control over the business operations Notice and analyze movements present in the sales processes. Increase the efficiency of the business. Less paperwork and time-saving action plan Accounting and taxation calculation did easily. Mobility Reduction of Shrinkage Timely and Accurate data for report generationThe benefits posed by the POS terminal make it a necessary item in the store. The POS terminal price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is important to see the other offerings, not just the POS terminal price. You can also buy the diverse equipment of the POS system, for instance, if you want to check thermal printer price online as most online dealers offer a discount on it.Setting a POS system is an easy process, one needs to know the tools needed to complete the setup. Every business requires a different POS system to ease up its business operations. A standard business should have the below minimum setup: A display panel for showing the billing . A keyboard/touchscreen tool for choosing items and entering data barcode scanner for scanning billed objects . A printer for printing the receipt cash register for storing cash during sales . A software interface for completing the process.Installing the POS systemThe software must be installed on the system, which will the main unit used for monitoring each terminal. Link the main system to the server interlinking all the other stations to each via the internet service present in the store. Connect the scanners and other contributing tools to the system and perform a test run to ensure that the tools are working properly Insert the descriptions of the prices, inventory, and quantities on the system based on the instructions given on the software.As businesses strive to get bigger and complex by each passing day, an effective system like POS compliments a seamless workflow. Depending upon diverse needs, POS manufacturers are coming up with innovative ideas and systems that will enhance the continuity of business in multiple ways. Matching the demand, there will be a gradual surge in the sales of process- specific POS terminal price systems in India RELATED QUESTION Would you prefer eye testing at home rather than sitting in eye hospitals for hours? At present home based eye testing is not a very feasible option. Even for refractive error check up a lot of factors like accommodation, acceptance, biocular balancing etc are needed which cannot be done by home based devices. Assuming a picture of your eye is taken along with a picture of your retina, still a lot of clinical acumen, stereoscopic view and clarity is ecessary. Many tests are as of now not mechanised. As of present technologies a eye test in person is the best and cannot be replaced by home based testing.
Boost the Availability of POS Terminal Machines in the Retail Industry
Boost the Availability of POS Terminal Machines in the Retail Industry
To thrive today in the business environment, many KIRANAS or retailers and stores are now replacing traditional methods with POS terminal machine in Pune to cut down the manual work of the business owner. This gives the owner to manage inventory and better shopping experience to their customer. With POS Systems, it becomes easy to keep up to the day-to-day retail functions ensuring uninterrupted business operations to the full extent. This system also saves time, effort in keeping the updates on accounting and inventory.Here are a few proven and measurable benefits to be noted when using POS machines:1. Reliable POS System Performance: After installation, it is recommended to permanently secure the admin-preferred configuration settings. This will eliminate the changes like malicious software, cookies, software updates, and modification in files or modified files done by the users. So, your IT professionals can maintain the configuration uniformity of your POS system.2. Seamless Retail Operation: With POS System, it becomes easy for the retailers to ensure all the endpoints are always met and running. Thus, business owners will improve service availability and increase the lead conversion.3. Helping digitalize small retailers: With the help of POS terminal Machines, the small merchants, retails can be digitalized and accept payments, through cards or UPI, QR codes and manage their accounts and inventories.4. Digital Presence: With a POS system, you can include the online store in your plan. So you can sell your products around the corner and create a presence around the world.5. Simplified Operations: This machine helps to simplify your operations task and gives you more time to spend on other important activities. Not only it simplifies, but you can also handle the refund process, Home delivery and sell the products in person. Wireless and smart POS machine are increasing all over our countrys retail picture. With the above benefits, we have also seen the importance of POS System importance. Lets have a look:- This is a comprehensive solution to overcome multiple issues that small merchants, retailers face on day to day basis- Apart from simplifying the faster and safe transaction, it also automatically calculates and tracks the products in inventory, changes in the product price and update the inventory accordingly- POS helps to capture customer behaviour data, buying trends. This helps the owner to offer discounts, great deals to valued customersWith this terminal machines, the retailers can keep themselves available and reliable source store for the customers walking inBy enhanced availability of POS system, the retail store can offer customers more sales and enriched shopping experience consistently. Peddletech, the posiflex POS system provider, offers a wide range of Posiflex POS System, Retail POS, and Barcode Scanner of Zebra, Receipt Printer of Rugtek, Zebra and accessories for every business owner. If this article convinces you, then to know more on the POS machine price, get in touch with us on response@peddletech. com or give us a call on 918806951951. Our experts will show you how you upgrade your business with the POS System RELATED QUESTION Would you prefer eye testing at home rather than sitting in eye hospitals for hours? At present home based eye testing is not a very feasible option. Even for refractive error check up a lot of factors like accommodation, acceptance, biocular balancing etc are needed which cannot be done by home based devices. Assuming a picture of your eye is taken along with a picture of your retina, still a lot of clinical acumen, stereoscopic view and clarity is ecessary. Many tests are as of now not mechanised. As of present technologies a eye test in person is the best and cannot be replaced by home based testing.
5 Ways to Take Business to next Level with POS Machines
5 Ways to Take Business to next Level with POS Machines
In a normal retail store, a large number of customers visit for purchasing the services and goods offered. It is important to ensure smooth customer experience at all times to make sure that they regularly visit the store. Several points have the elements to ruin the entire effort of the service team. Among the several points, the payment exchange point against the purchased goods and services in the store plays a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth flow. A long wait and delay in the payment exchange point can result in bad customer experience as well as bad word of mouth. With the introduction of Point of Sale system into the store, you can increase the efficiency of the people. If the core of your business is to sell products then you should invest in a POS system today. So, in this blog we will get along with POS terminal price online and how you can take your business to next level with POS machine.How A POS Makes it Possible to Enhance Business? Going the Smart way: POS services for smartphones can process payments and manage certain inventory and customer information. Giving a greater range as well as mobility to the salesperson, the system is accessible almost at any given moment as well as place. Many online stores offer discounts on the POS terminal price online to get at a great price. Ease to Business: Due to the cloud-based POS system, the system can be signed in with any computer from anywhere. The cost of the cloud-based POS system is minimal allowing a business that is low-volume to get better management. Cloud computing is new software, which means it is much simpler to use than an on-site system that is not updated in a decade. This has made things easier for the businessmen as it ensures a seamless delivery of the process. Boon for Retail Industry: Terminal point-of-sale systems are the kind that you see at the counter in companies. It is the traditional way to develop and implement an end-user POS system. This type of POS program is built on a computer that is physically housed in your company with this form of setup. Saving the data for your priority customers helps you a lot in the long-term. You can easily check the POS terminal price online and thermal printer price online. Reliability: POS systems and thermal printers are the most reliable programs for your business to develop. Such devices are, most of all, very versatile and can perform a variety of tasks. Becoming more affordable, intelligent as well as evolving, the POS system helps the retailers to update with the new trends and features. The point of sale system allows the retailer to create a better customer shopping experience. And Thermal printer Minimal Paper Work: As POS records the cash flow of the store automatically, its the best way to boost your customer service. Within moments, you are able to get a complete overview of the business as it allows monitoring the inventory and handling it in real-time. Most thermal printers use fewer moving parts than the impact style of printers. This makes them much more reliable. Because of this, there are fewer things that may go wrong, which leads to reduced downtime for the printers. Also, the thermal printer price costs are much lowersince the complex repairs are not necessary and service is needed much less frequently. The system maintains an accurate record of day-to-day sales alongside pulling up any previous transaction. RELATED QUESTION What is a good/better hunting scope? If youre a die-hard hunter, you need a high-quality scope. There are a number of features to take into consideration when choosing a hunting scope. For example, if you are hunting deer, you are likely to make most shots from a range of 50 to 150 yards. A 4x or 6x scope is ideal for this, and you can likely use a fixed-power scope. You might be in low-light conditions, so a larger objective diameter is better for better light transmission. Look for a scope with higher objective diameter, such as a 30mm on a 6x scope. Coated lenses also help in low-light conditions, as they reduce the amount of light reflected off the lens. Quick and easy adjustments and good eye relief are also a plus. Many Nikon, Vortex, Leupold, and Redfield scopes have these features. These scopes deliver high performance and will make for a good outing on every hunting trip. You can find these scopes and more at Natchez Shooters Supplies, theyre a great supplier of scopes and hunting gear. Plus, if you have any trouble picking or installing it, you can go ahead and call them up to get help. Take a look at some Redfield scopes here
6 Reasons Why Indian Merchants Are Switching to RealCash MPOS
6 Reasons Why Indian Merchants Are Switching to RealCash MPOS
A traditional point of sale (POS) terminal is nothing new for the merchants who already accept card payments. The traditional POS is the whole system: the monitor with touch screen, CPU, cash counter that is auto-locked, card swipe machine, and the telephone line.RealCash mPOS is a smarter alternative to the traditional POS which connects to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth connectivity. It uses the internet connection to process transactions. All the merchant needs to do is to download the RealCash mobile application, connect the mobile phone to the mPOS device and the merchant can start accepting payments on the go.AffordabilityThe most important and the greatest benefit of mobile point of sale terminal and the biggest difference between the mPOS device and the traditional POS system- is the PRICE. The RealCash mPOS device is considerably cheaper than the traditional ones. Just for that mere fact alone, theres no question that this is a more advantageous system anyone can get to grow their business.MobilityMobility is one of the key benefits of mobile POS solutions which provide merchants to drive sales in different environments. In a retail setting, merchants can sell their products to a customer in different parts of the store other than the check out counters.Easy to useRealCash mPOS has made collection of payments for the merchants very easy as it doesnt require any high-end technical knowledge. RealCash mPOS might not require any complicated technical knowledge as the software in the RealCash mobile application is very user friendly. Now, having more than one billing counter using an mPOS in a store will help the merchants to reduce the waiting time of your customers.Increase in SalesEnabling of cashless payments in the store by the merchants provides a whole new level of shopping experience for the customers. In India, a very famous and commonly used payment method by the merchants is COD (cash-on-delivery). In order to offer alternative payment methods to their customers, merchants are now using mPOS terminal to offer card-on-delivery services to their customers. Nowadays, as credit cards and debit cards are the necessity for everyone, customers has also started to prefer more of card payments over cash.Saves timeWhen you are subscribing to mPOS, there will be no minimum or maximum sales volume your business needs to have unlike traditional POS. With mPOS, the merchants no longer require a fixed landline with the traditional POS, also reduces trips to banks to manage the cash, which save their cost and time.Improves customer experiencemPOS has also improved their customer experience. For example, now in a restaurant, the customers can pay the bills on their table itself without waiting in the long queues as a restaurant staff can bring the bill and charge for it using mPOS. So, automatically it can enable more table turns in fast turnover environments. You can serve more customers, and the average check size is increased RELATED QUESTION Most night lamps are blue. Why is your mobile filtering blue light while night mode is on? I dont know where you read the fact about the blue night lamps, but thetruthis actuallyopposite, RED color is the best for you during the night time and here is why.Arecent study at harvardon hamsters, suggests that blue light had worst effects on mood, followed closely by white light.The hamsters exposed to red light at night had significantly less evidence of depressive-like symptoms and changes in the brain linked to depression, compared to those that experienced blue or white light. However, total darkness at bedtime is still best for sleep. Specialized photosensitive cells called ipRGCs are located in the retina of our eyes. These cells are able to detect any light and send messages to a part of the brain that helps regulate the bodys circadian clock. This is the bodys master clock that helps determine when people feel sleepy and awake. These ipRGC cells are most sensitive to blue wavelengths of light and least sensitive to red wavelengths.In nearly every measure of this study, the hamsters exposed to blue light were the worst off, followed by those exposed to white light. While total darkness was best, red light was not nearly as bad as the other wavelengths studied. So if you need a night light in the bathroom or bedroom, it may be better to have one that gives off red light rather than white light! Why not give it a try at home and experiment on how the change in color makes you feel!MOREOVER,While blue may be a calming pigment choice for paint, "blue wavelengthswhich are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and moodseem to be the most disruptive at night."Light of any kind decreases the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that helps you sleep, and light at night particularly messes with your circadian rhythm (your daily biological schedule which is driven by exposure to light and dark). LED lights and those curlicue compact fluorescents emit more blue light waves than old style incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent tubes are sold with coatings that can shift the color away from blue wavelengths.Hope it helps!
10 Reasons Your Business Needs a POS System
10 Reasons Your Business Needs a POS System
A point-of-sale system is the combination of a POS system machine and software in which the cashier inputs the products, tally the price and process the final transaction of purchased goods.If you are still using the traditional cash or Electronic Cash Register (ECR) and a credit card terminal, then you seriously need an upgrade. This will be a complete upgrade of Point-of-sales (POS) system machine to take your business to the next level and enjoy the benefits. It is clearly an edge over the traditional way of running your store in a much faster and better way. This modern system offers you a little extra information at your figure tips. Peddletech is renowned POS terminal provider in India offering Retail POS system, Barcode Scanner and Printers, desktop printers and much more at the best competitive prices. Lets have a look at 10 reasons why your business needs a POS system:1. Sales History: Now easily look for the past sales history, transaction and discover the product information with POS System. Understand which product is stuck on the shelf and which is out of stock. This will make your inventory management easier.2. Improved Inventory management: This can be a tedious task, as keeping updated information on product stocks, sizes, colours and volumes. With the help of this system, you can have information about stocks in and out of each product. Moreover, you can categorize the product by brand name, supplier code, colour and multiple categories.3. Sale in real-time: Whether you are in store or not, you can have complete access to the information of sales done in real-time. With remote access to back-office server, you can get the real-time report of sales, profit markup. You can customize the report accordingly to see exactly what you want to see.4. Saving Time and Money: Save your time and money with the POS system. These are faster than a manual cash register and are helpful in reading the product barcode to credit card transaction with internet access. This not only saves your time but also of your customers at the same time. To know more about Barcode Scanner from Zebra, get in touch with Peddletech expert today!5. Accounting and Sales tax made-easy: the POS system will do your almost entire work, it will help you to calculate due sales tax depending on the exact amount sold on the store counter or counters. It makes your accounting and sales tax easy.Peddletech is one-stop-shop for the latest Posiflex POS systems machines and equipment!6. Best employee management system: With a smart employee management feature, you can now manage employee information, track the working hours, sales generated by each employee and more on. This also prevents fraud by controlling the sensitive information of sales reports, financial report, taxes paid and so on7. Easy to handle the barcode scanner on the sales counter: For the salesperson, it becomes easy to handle the scanner and printers. With the light-weight handheld scanners, devices workers get easily familiar to the electronic devices and less time is required for training8. More information: everyone gets more information- the customer, the cashier and the management too. The customer will exactly know what he is buying at what cost and will get the invoice/receipt with accurate detail information about the purchased products. The cashier will get to know about the stock they are registering making it easier and faster to run all the items to be purchased. The most important is that the management gets to know what the sales executive are selling for how much cost and to which customer.9. Integrate new sales and payment channels with your POS system: with modern and updated POS system, will give you options like e-wallets and other payment options, to make the payment process faster, cheaper and better for your customers. As a business owner, dont miss this opportunity!10. Increase your customer loyalty: Integrated customer relationship management feature, would surely work wonders! With the help of CRM, you can push special offers alerts, notification of discounts through emails, SMS. You can also use the reward points option to your loyal customer or referral programs to keep your customers coming back.So, it doesnt matter whether your business is small or big, the need for a POS is most important. It cut downs your efforts. Any small or big store requires a cloud-based, all-in-one POS system machine becomes the backbone for your business. Modern Posiflex POS System, offer you affordable and easy-to-use technology and set-up. At Peddletech, we support all sorts of Retail POS systems and equipment to help you take your business to the next level. If this article convinces you, give us a call on 918806951951 or let us know your requirement at . Our experts will show you how you upgrade your business with the POS System RELATED QUESTION How do I choose a power adapter? 1.Find direct factories instead of tradersWith the rise of the Internet, many companies have put their information on the Internet, making it easier for everyone to find information. There are also some traders who pretend to be direct factories to publish products online, so when choosing apower adaptermanufacturer, choose a direct factory instead of a trader.2. Look at the strength of the manufacturerWhen we are looking for a manufacturer, we can first look at the companys registered capital, plant area, company size, etc. , and then understand the manufacturers R & D team, quality, production line, etc. The adapter manufacturer must have a very large R & D team and quality team.The plant area and number of people can see the companys delivery cycle, and the research and development team can guarantee the quality of the product!3. See the companys product certificationMany inferiorpower adapterproducts on the market, many of them have not been certified. The power adapters produced by regular manufacturers are certified by certification bodies, such as Chinas CCC certification, European CE certification, American UL, FCC certification, etc., and the products will undergo a series of tests before leaving the factory , Aging, and so on, to ensure that products flowing into the client are safe and available. The cost of certification is relatively high, and the quality of the product can be guaranteed!4, see the delivery date of the productGood factories generally have strict control over product delivery and quality. If the shipping cycle is relatively long, the factory cannot control the quality of incoming materials, processing and products.5, look at the aging timeThe aging time of small factories is generally short, and large factories are generally 100% aging. 6, see the manufacturers after-sales serviceGenerally, when selecting apower adaptermanufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether its after-sales service is comprehensive, because the quality of after-sales service will directly affect consumer satisfaction. When choosing a power adapter manufacturer, the warranty, after-sales service, and other related provisions of the power adapter can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, and there will be no guarantee after buying
How About the License Plate Recognition Management System- TigerWong
How About the License Plate Recognition Management System- TigerWong
How about the license plate recognition management system? When long-term customers enter the intelligent parking management area, when the vehicle drives to the fence machine, the remote card reader and camera system will automatically start to identify and shoot the on-board card and license plate. If the user's on-board card and license plate have been recorded in the database, the fence machine will automatically open and release; One of the computer databases is not accessible, and the system is a fully automatic intelligent management system. Temporary trucks enter the site: when the temporary vehicles enter the site, the moving image is switched to the entrance, the driver presses the card pick-up button, and a smart card is automatically spit out from the ticket box. At the same time, the system captures the admission image, saves the admission record, automatically opens the gate, and makes a voice prompt. After the driver picks up the card, When you drive into the parking lot, the gate will fall automatically. Basic functions and features of the system 1. Stable operation and reliable performance. It can realize the simultaneous verification of on-board card and license plate. The two can pass only when they meet the requirements at the same time. 2. The recognition distance is long, and the long-distance card reader and license plate recognition can quickly recognize at 5-8m. 3. You can choose to overlay license plates or overlay scenes. When the superimposed license plate is selected, the license plate recognition video server will superimpose the detected and recognized license plate image on the background scene screen. If the license plate image is detected, the license plate image will be updated continuously. If no license plate is detected, the last detected license plate image will stay on the background scene screen for the time set by the user, and then disappear. When the overlay scene is selected, the license plate recognition video server will overlay the license plate detection channel scene on the background scene. 4. The IP address, user name, password and other parameters of the license plate recognition video server can be changed through the configuration software, and the parameters can be burned into the license plate recognition video server, which is convenient and flexible. 5. Embedded hardware module, with advanced technology, powerful function, stability and reliability. 6. Recognition time is less than 20 seconds; 7. All weather 7 & amp; times; 24-hour real-time identification of driving vehicle license plate number, which is suitable for a large speed range; 8. The recognition rate of the whole license plate is greater than 80%, and the recognition rate of the last four digits is greater than 90%. 9. The system has strong adaptability. It can deal with the overall tilt of the license plate, the text tilt of the license plate, the stain and blur of the license plate. System structure, block diagram, intelligent parking lot management system can adopt various network topologies, the server and management workstation are connected in the form of local area network (LAN), and the computer is connected to the parking lot controller in the form of RS232 / RS485; Simple, fast to put into use and good system stability. The highest return on investment. The structural block diagram is as follows: the main equipment of the image recognition system, the functions and characteristics of the video analysis server. 1. Stable operation and reliable performance. It can independently realize 1-2 channels of video compression and license plate recognition, and send the results (monitoring video and license plate recognition results) to the receiving end in the form of TCP / IP packets for display and storage. 2. It has small structure and convenient installation and use. It can be directly connected in series to any video signal path of the current digital video monitoring system, and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing digital video monitoring system. 3. It can realize 2-channel video superposition, and the superimposed picture size and position can be flexibly defined by the user on the parameter setting software. 4. You can choose to overlay license plates or overlay scenes. When the superimposed license plate is selected, the license plate recognition video server will superimpose the detected and recognized license plate image on the background scene screen. If the license plate image is detected, the license plate image will be updated continuously. If no license plate is detected, the last detected license plate image will stay on the background scene screen for the time set by the user, and then disappear. When the overlay scene is selected, the license plate recognition video server will overlay the license plate detection channel scene on the background scene. 5. The IP address, user name, password and other parameters of the license plate recognition video server can be changed through the configuration software, and the parameters can be burned into the license plate recognition video server, which is convenient and flexible. 6. Embedded hardware module, with advanced technology, powerful function, stability and reliability. Capture the appearance, color, license plate number, etc. of the vehicle when entering the site to read the card, and archive them as the card data; Capture the appearance, color and license plate number of the vehicle when reading the card on the exit, compare them with the admission image data, and archive them; The system can be turned off independently to enter the full-automatic state of vehicle access.
The Use of Intelligent License Plate Recognition System Can Effectively Solve the Difficulty of Park
The Use of Intelligent License Plate Recognition System Can Effectively Solve the Difficulty of Park
With the improvement of people's living standards, people have more and more cars, especially the increase of private cars, which leads to the scarcity of parking spaces. The competition for a hard to find parking space is becoming more and more fierce. Parking in the community, how many parking spaces are fixed, but cars are increasing. How does the intelligent license plate recognition system solve the parking problem in the community? Many car owners rush off work every day. They are not eager to go home, but the parking space in the community is too tight. A few minutes later may cause their car to park on the roadside. This is because car owners worry about parking every day. At ordinary times, we often see that vehicles are parked in the channel of the community, and the pedestrian channel and fire channel are occupied, which poses a great threat to the potential safety hazards of the whole community and is very unsafe. Some foreign vehicles come to the community and park at will or even in the middle of the road. The lane is occupied by foreign vehicles. The problem of parking in the community will only become more and more difficult. So, how to manage the parking norms in the community, so that people can park more safely and conveniently? Tigerwong's license plate recognition system automatically recognizes the license plate unattended and judges whether the vehicle is a fixed vehicle in the community. If not, I'm sorry, the license plate recognition will refuse to enter, and there is no favor to say, because it is the automatic recognition processing of the equipment. For a fixed number of parking spaces, we enter the information of each vehicle through the license plate recognition system, and it is not allowed to enter three or more vehicles. In this way, the number of vehicles in and out can be controlled strictly according to the parking spaces, so that each household can stop at any time. Personnel management can be omitted at the import and export, and there is no need to queue up for entry and exit. License plate recognition will automatically and quickly identify and raise the bar, so that car owners can realize zero waiting for entry and exit, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. Of course, some communities will think that there are many white sky parking spaces, which will be very wasteful, because office workers go out early and return late. What should we do? In fact, this problem can also be solved. It can be managed through the license plate recognition system. The parking space can be opened at the wrong time. It can be set to allow foreign vehicles to park in that time period and adopt the charging standard for the corresponding time period. In this way, it can not only effectively use the resources of the parking space to increase revenue, but also avoid parking in the community, and completely bid farewell to the difficulty of parking in the community. If you want to know more wonderful industry news and parking plans, follow tiger Wong and give you wonderful information at any time!
Wechat Pays Parking Fees, Making the Parking Lot Charging Management System More Convenient - Tigerw
Wechat Pays Parking Fees, Making the Parking Lot Charging Management System More Convenient - Tigerw
With the increase of vehicles, parking charges become very cumbersome. Sometimes all kinds of foreign vehicles and temporary vehicles are really troublesome to manage. The parking lot charging system was born with the new thing of public charging parking lot. Although the parking lot charging system overcomes the cumbersome charging process of the original manual charging method, Low traffic efficiency and ticket loss are difficult to solve, but there are still some problems that need to be combined with the development of the times. We know that there are several popular forms of mobile payment such as Alipay payment, WeChat payment, online banking payment, and so on. The use of wechat payment has changed the payment method in the parking lot. Car owners only need to scan the QR code in the parking lot to pay directly. In the previous traditional parking lot managed by card, people need to submit the card taken during admission to the management personnel. The management personnel query the customer's payable amount through the card information, and the car owners pay, Such a payment process will waste a lot of time for car owners, resulting in congestion at the parking payment office. WeChat car park car park mobile phone users official account, WeChat can only pay attention to the WeChat official account information in the parking lot, and can complete self service payment at the mobile phone end. There is no need to wait in line. Besides, the owner can query the parking status in the parking lot through the information of WeChat public in the intelligent parking management system field. At the same time, some route information is obtained to facilitate people to find cars and avoid turning around in large parking lots and being unable to find the location of their favorite car. The intelligent parking lot management charging system also has obvious advantages. Coupled with the application of wechat payment, strong cooperation will give parking users a perfect parking experience: first, the intelligent parking lot management charging system can make parking payment faster. The parking lot charging system will record each vehicle entering the parking lot and automatically store vehicle information, It can also support the capture of vehicles, people and certificates. At the same time, it has the function of image comparison. At the exit of the parking lot, the parking lot charging system will compare with the information at the time of entry, so as to automatically calculate the parking time and payment amount. II. The intelligent parking lot management and charging system has a highly safe and stable management. At present, the installation of the parking lot charging system in the parking lot makes the parking lot management safer, because before the manual charging method was adopted, it was through manual card issuing and card receiving, resulting in many places missing and no records to check, and the phenomenon of losing a car or falsely reporting losing a car occurred from time to time, This not only brings some trouble to the parking lot management, but also brings some losses to the parking lot. III. The intelligent parking lot management charging system can avoid the loss of funds. The traditional manual parking lot mainly collects parking fees in cash. On the one hand, it has high work intensity and low efficiency; On the other hand, it is easy to lead to cash loss in finance, and there are many defects in the manual charging mode. After the parking lot charging system is installed in the parking lot, the system adopts computer charging. Each parking fee paid by vehicles in and out will be confirmed, counted and recorded by the system, so as to avoid operation errors or cheating. At present, wechat payment has joined the big family of parking lot, which has made the charging of parking lot charging system so simple, which will also be the development trend of parking lot in the future. Although the domestic intelligent car parking system started much later than abroad, Xiaobian believes that in the near future, with more high-tech joining the family of parking lot, It will make parking easier and easier, and unmanned management and charging will be realized. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.
Application Advantage Analysis of Parking Lot Charging System - Tigerwong
Application Advantage Analysis of Parking Lot Charging System - Tigerwong
In recent years, the parking lot charging system industry has learned from advanced technologies and concepts at home and abroad, and combined with its own parking lot charging methods, mainly the process from manual charging to parking lot system charging has been developing and progressing. The reason why parking lot charging system can be widely used is mainly because it has the following advantages: first, avoid capital loss. The traditional manual charging is mainly cash, and its charging mode has many defects. On the one hand, it has high work intensity and low efficiency, on the other hand, it is easy to cause loopholes or cash loss in finance. In contrast, the parking lot charging system adopts computer charging, and each payment paid by the owner is confirmed, counted and recorded by the computer charging system, so as to avoid the occurrence of operation error or cheating. 2 〠 Accuracy of parking fees. The parking lot charging system will automatically store a parking record for each vehicle entering the parking lot, and can also have the functions of image comparison, owner vehicle capture, etc. the information of vehicle entering and leaving the parking lot can be compared at the entrance and exit, and the parking lot charging system can automatically calculate the parking time and payment amount. 3 〠 Highly safe and stable management. In the previous manual card issuing and receiving places, due to omissions and no records at any time, the phenomenon of losing a car or falsely reporting the loss of a car occurs from time to time, which not only brings great inconvenience to the parking lot management, but also brings certain economic losses to the parking lot. After adopting the parking lot charging system, various types of cards have detailed records in the computer, Therefore, if the owner's card is lost, it can also be reissued in time. At present, the license plate recognition parking lot system has a variety of management forms for the parking lot, such as license plate recognition, card reading and ticket reading. Vehicles can enter and exit the parking lot quickly. Vehicles with card reading / ticket reading can get their cards / tickets by themselves. When they leave the parking lot, the computer will read the cards / tickets when they enter the parking lot, and calculate the parking time and payment amount, By using the license plate recognition parking lot charging system, internal vehicles can enter and exit without parking, while foreign vehicles only need to pay at the exit, and there is no need to pick up cards / tickets at the entrance, which can effectively alleviate the congestion at the entrance and exit of the parking lot. (Shenzhen tigerwong parking lot charging system)
Market Promotes Demand, and the Development of Parking Lot System Enterprises Should Start From Thes
Market Promotes Demand, and the Development of Parking Lot System Enterprises Should Start From Thes
With the rapid development of science and technology and economy, people have higher and higher requirements for life. Life concepts such as smart city and safe city have been advocated by the public, and intelligent parking lot has also become the object of people's demand. Then, the market demand of parking lot system is booming. What aspects should parking lot system enterprises start from? I. long distance non-stop traffic license plate recognition technology is combined with electronic non-stop toll collection system (etc) to identify vehicles. When passing vehicles pass through the crossing, they do not need to stop, that is, they can realize automatic vehicle identification and automatic toll collection. In the parking lot management, in order to improve the traffic efficiency of vehicles at the entrance and exit, license plate recognition is building an unattended fast track for vehicles that do not need to charge parking fees (such as monthly trucks and internal free vehicles), and the access experience of card free and non parking is changing the management mode of access to the parking lot. II. The parking management and charging methods are unmanned. The traditional parking lot generally adopts the charging method of swiping card or paying cash at the exit, which is slow and inefficient. Therefore, many vehicles can often be seen waiting in line at the exit of some large parking lots, which is easy to block the exit. Centralized charge management, such as WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay payment and other electronic payment means, self service payment terminal, mobile phone APP and so on, enables the owner to stop the parking fee directly to the property account, and perfectly avoid the intermediate links, so as to achieve the unmanned charging. The parking management and operation management system based on Internet of things and cloud computing services breaks the information island of a single parking lot system, realizes the centralized and unified management of multiple parking lots on the same platform, and integrates a variety of practical technologies such as vehicle access management, charge management and voice prompt to realize unmanned management. III. video reverse car search now many parking lots in China are super large. It's really not easy for cars to find their own parking place in hundreds or even thousands of parking spaces. To solve the problem that it is difficult for owners of large parking lots to return to the parking lot to find a car, the reverse car search system has become another indispensable subsystem after the parking guidance system. The video reverse car search system is to easily solve the problem of finding a car for the owner. When the owner drives his car into the parking lot and stops the car, he can leave without any operation. Through video image shooting and processing technology, the system can fully automatic vehicle positioning, and the owner can display the position of his car by fuzzy inputting the license plate number, The system also gives the scheme of getting to the parking space as soon as possible to help the owner quickly find the parking position of the vehicle and save time. IV. wiring free parking lot the traditional parking lot often needs multiple wiring, the installation process is more complex and the construction time is long, which will also cause varying degrees of destructive impact on the building and ground. The wiring free parking lot can give full play to the advantages of IC card, and the system can also charge off-line. The wiring free car parking management system is a major breakthrough in the development of the parking industry. The traditional parking lot management mode can no longer meet people's needs, and it is out of reach for the functions of parking guidance, car search and rapid access in the parking lot. In addition, there are some problems in the link of charging, such as single payment method, low efficiency of manual management, charging loopholes and so on, It is impossible to integrate the overall system of the parking lot and optimize the allocation of resources. According to the promotion of the market, parking enterprises should start from the above four aspects in order not to be abandoned by the trend of the market. Tigerwong parking management system has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.
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