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With the improvement of people's living standards, people pay more and more attention to the security industry. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2016, the output value of security products exceeded 180 billion, of which the proportion of access control / parking system / intelligent lock in the output value of products reached 12% - 14%, which is expected to exceed 10 billion this year. With internet plus, hitherto unknown Internet, big data, cloud platform and mobile intelligence, access control technology is constantly integrated with various industries and concepts. Especially car park system in the security industry has entered an unprecedented transformation stage. After decades of evolution and development, the parking lot system market has evolved from simple entrance and exit management to integrated management. It has experienced many different changes from the traditional mechanical stage to the current diversified development stage. Through technological innovation and market upgrading, the traditional card collection parking lot system has been difficult to meet the market demand. The parking lot system technology based on license plate recognition technology tends to be mature. Coupled with the popularization of mobile Internet technology, the intelligent parking lot system has opened a new era. In car park technology car license recognition technology has expanded the application field of car park system products, especially the combination of license plate recognition system and mobile payment. Once again, it is walking in the front end of the industry technology, and it is also an application innovation of the industry. In the future, with the development of Internet plus, Internet of things and mobile intelligent technology, The processing and analysis of parking lot system data has risen to the cloud, opening the era of cloud platform. From the application level, the demand for parking system in various fields is very huge. At present, parking system products have been widely used in residential areas, commercial squares, schools, hospitals, government units, airports and other fields. At this stage, the intelligent parking lot system is mainly reflected in the combination of parking space guidance, reverse vehicle search, parking guidance and other systems. Although the intelligent parking lot system is the main direction of parking lot development in the future, the compatibility and scalability of each system still need to be further improved, and the promotion of some new functions needs to be further strengthened.

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Automatic License Plate Recognition System - How Much Is the License Plate Recognition System - Tige
License plate recognition system video recognition can automatically recognize license plate system without device ground sense - how much is license plate recognition. It can reduce the engineering quantity. The principle is that when the vehicle enters the video recognition area, the camera will automatically recognize the dynamic image of the vehicle. However, video recognition cannot identify unlicensed vehicles. In case of unlicensed vehicles, intelligent manual brake opening is a little troublesome. Ground sense recognition is very common and widely used. The earth sensing coil is generally set in a rectangular area in front of the gate. When the vehicle enters the rectangular area, it can sense the vehicle through the change of magnetic field, and the system will automatically camera, identify and release. However, the earth sensing device needs to be installed underground, and the engineering quantity is slightly large. License plate recognition system then presents two product forms, automatic license plate recognition system - how much is license plate recognition. One is to integrate the software and hardware license plate recognition system, or use the hardware to realize the recognition function module to form a full hardware license plate recognizer; Another form is the open software and hardware system, that is, the hardware adopts standard industrial products, and the software is used as embedded software. The correct recognition rate of the whole license plate that can be recognized = the total number of correctly recognized license plates of the whole license plate / the total number of manually read license plates. These three indicators determine the recognition rate of the license plate recognition system, such as reliability and false recognition rate, which are the intermediate results in the process of license plate recognition. Percentage of recognizable license plates = total number of license plates correctly read manually / total number of vehicles actually passed. The license plate recognition system can be widely used in the internal vehicle management and scheduling of government organs, factories and mining enterprises, military barracks, school parks and other units. It can also be used to meet the requirements of vehicle billing and parking space control in residential areas, operational parking lots and other places, so as to maintain the unit system, strengthen safety assurance and improve the management level. The parking lot management system adopts credit card recognition With Bluetooth recognition and the latest video license plate recognition system, license plate recognition technology is becoming more and more naive. And has been applied in many places. The development of science and technology is to benefit mankind and bring convenience and comfort to people. The license plate recognition system is based on high-definition intelligent license plate recognition technology. And extract the vehicle number as the main access certificate. The license plate recognition system is used to realize fast recognition, fast detection, fast gate opening, no parking and other lanes that need to pass quickly, solve the congestion at the entrance and exit, and improve the traffic rate of vehicles and the turnover rate of parking spaces. Secondly, it can effectively solve the fund loopholes, promote the unified management of the parking lot, query the consumption records in real time, and uniformly control the parking lot in real time.
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