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As the main means of entrance and exit security, access control system is composed of access control controller, card reader, management software and electric lock. It is widely used in office buildings, factories, banks and communities. It plays a great role in security management and personnel attendance management, and its importance is self-evident. So how can we configure the appropriate access control system according to the needs? Here we use taigewang's access control products to give you an example, but before giving an example, we first need to know several principles of access control system selection. 1、 The connection distance between the controller and the card reader shall not exceed 100m, preferably about 60m; 2、 The length of the connection between the controller bus and the computer should not exceed 1200 meters, preferably within 800 meters. If the communication distance exceeds 1200 meters, please add a repeater (the communication distance can reach 3000 meters), or use the ICP / ip-485 converter to connect to the LAN or Internet for networking. III. matching between doors and locks, glass doors should be connected with electric plug-in locks, wooden doors and fire doors should be connected with magnetic locks (electromagnetic lock) 4. The communication hub can be connected with 128 access controllers. Well, the above are the principles for the connection and configuration of the access control system. Let's look at the specific examples. A company needs to install the access control system on 20 doors, of which the door is a double open glass door and is far away from other doors. There are two wooden doors in zone 1, five single open glass doors in zone 2 and zone 3 Wooden doors are relatively concentrated. That's the case. How should we configure them? Our configuration is as follows: the door adopts a card reader (if you need to swipe your card in and out, configure two card readers. Note: only dr-m2001 single door bidirectional controller and dr-m2002 double door bidirectional controller can connect two card readers in and out of each door, and dr-m2004 four door unidirectional controller can only connect to door card readers.) As it is a double glass door, it is recommended to connect two electric plug-in locks. One dr-m2001 single door controller and one exit button. Two doors in zone 1: one dr-m2002 double door controller, two entry card readers, two electromagnetic locks and two exit buttons. Five doors in zone 2: one dr-m2001 single door controller one four door controller, five entry card readers and five exit buttons Button. 5 electric plug-in locks. 12 doors in zone 3. 3 four door controllers, 12 entry card readers, 12 exit buttons, 12 magnetic locks. Area card readers, single door two-way controller, double door two-way controller, four door one-way controller, exit button electric plug-in lock, magnetic lock, one door double open glass door 11122 wooden doors 21225 glass doors 5115512 wooden doors 1231212 total: 2021420714 Yes, you need to configure a communication hub and a set of management software. That's it!

How to Configure the Access Control System? Example of Access Control Configuration List_ Taigewang  1

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