China Automatic Payment Kisko TGW Brand 1
China Automatic Payment Kisko TGW Brand 1

China Automatic Payment Kisko TGW Brand

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Company Advantages

· The well-designed TGW Turnstile makes it more special than other similar products.

· The product has been inspected in conformity with international quality standards.

· It has widely found its applications in the industry because of these fine properties.

A brief description of the functions of the self-service payment machine

The self-service payment machine is a terminal device for self-service payment in the parking lot management system. The product integrates payment and print advertising. It provides convenient self-service through the data network and the system backend; the system has bank card payment and QR code Payment and payment, cash receipt, coin change, receipt printing, LCD touch, IC/ID card reading and writing functions, and the operation is simple and convenient, realizing unattended intelligent charging, especially for large parking lot management systems , The use of self-service payment machines can greatly increase the flow of exported vehicles, while also greatly reducing the manual management costs of parking lots and improving the level of property management.

China Automatic Payment Kisko TGW Brand 2

The main payment procedures are as follows (take license plate recognition as an example):

For car owners who park temporarily, after the vehicle detector detects the vehicle, the entrance camera will automatically recognize the license plate number and write it into the system database. The system will automatically open the brakes and enter the parking lot. When you leave the venue, you must go to the self-service payment machine to pay, operate, and enter the license plate number on the display (fuzzy query), click query to display the photo of the vehicle entering the venue, and click the license plate photo to enter the vehicle details (display the entry time and the amount of fees payable) , Confirm the payment, select the payment method (cash payment, QR code payment, credit card payment),

1. Click on cash payment: Put the banknotes neatly into the banknote machine until the display shows that the amount of banknotes is equal to or greater than the amount payable (if you need to change, it will be changed in coins),

, That is, the payment is successful, the receipt printing confirmation box will pop out (whether to print the receipt), click confirm to print the receipt

2. Click the QR code to pay: the screen displays the QR code, mobile Alipay or WeChat scans any QR code to pay, the payment is successful, the payment is successful, the self-service payment machine pops out the receipt printing confirmation box (whether to print the receipt), click confirm Print receipt

3. Click on the card payment: insert the bank card in the correct direction, the card number and the amount to be deducted will be displayed on the screen, click to confirm the payment, and enter the bank card password (type the password in the password keyboard), the bank card deduction is successful, the payment is successful, and the receipt will be popped out Print the confirmation box (whether to print the receipt), click confirm to print the receipt.


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Company Features

· Dedicated to the production of canvas bag, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is a advanced enterprise.

· canvas bag becomes more competitive in this industry thanks to the effort of skilled technicians. Persistently implementing and applying the exquisite technology will be beneficial to the development of TGW. To be a more competitive enterprise, introducing and developing new technology innovation becomes more important for TGW.

· It is our firm intention to increase product quality over the entire product life cycle. So we will strive towards sustainable improvement of the product quality system and further training of our employees.

Product Details

Compared with ordinary products, TGW Technology's Automatic payment kisko has the following advantages in details

Application of the Product

Automatic payment kisko can be applied to different industries, fields and scenes.

With professional service spirit, TGW Technology always provides customers with reasonable and efficient one-stop solutions.

Product Comparison

Compared with similar products, our Automatic payment kisko is provided with the following competitive advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has a high-quality management team and an experienced technical team, which provides a strong impetus for corporate development.

TGW Technology receives converted recognition from customers depending on good product quality and a comprehensive service system.

TGW Technology complies with the philosophy of 'credit first, quality first, service first'. Moreover, we are united, cooperative, efficient and practical and we also advocate to make progress through innovation.

TGW Technology was founded in In the years, we became more courageous to march forward, and proudly gained many achievements.

TGW Technology constructs a comprehensive sales network by actively developing sales channels. are sold to multiple domestic provinces and cities as well as East Asia, South Asia, and other regions.

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