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License Plate Recognition System is a new parking management concept introduced by TGW, which adopts license plate recognition technology to replace the traditional IC car technology, solving the parking lot access traffic phenomenon caused by the need to stop brushing the car when the vehicle enters and leaves.License plate recognition technology in computer technology, image processing, fuzzy recognition established on the basis of the characteristics of the model vehicle, vehicle identification characteristics, such as plate, model, color and so on. It is a special computer vision system that targets specific targets. It can automatically extract license plate images from an image, automatically segment characters, and then recognize characters. It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence technology. The collected image information is processed, and the number, letter and Chinese character of the license plate can be automatically and accurately recognized in real time, and the recognition result is directly given, so that the computerized monitoring and management of the vehicle becomes a reality.Support 130 countries Car Number Plate Recognitionand support three or more countries recognition in meantime. More than 100,000 parking project case.The application places mainly include Airport, shopping mall, community,office building , gas station, car wash shop, vehicle management, intelligent weighing, intelligent charging, payment system for vehicle entry and exit, etc.

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