What Is the Working Mode of the Pedestrian Access Gate System Used in the Office Building_ Taigewang

Pedestrian access gates can often be seen in daily life, such as subway, scenic spots, stations, office buildings and other places have large-scale access gate applications. Next, let's introduce the working mode of the pedestrian access gate system of the office building. First, the pedestrian access gate is a device that controls foreign visitors through the channel control function. When there are foreign visitors, the visitors shall report to the front desk first to explain the reasons for the visit, and the front desk receptionist shall contact the respondents through the internal telephone of the building for confirmation. After receiving the confirmation and feedback from the interviewee, the receptionist makes the visitor card through the card issuing equipment, enters the visitor's identity data (ID card or work card, etc.) into the card printing workstation through the special certificate scanner, takes photos of the visitor through the HD camera installed in the reception, and saves the visitor's identity image information into the database; According to the information fed back by the interviewee, the front desk receptionist will open corresponding permissions to the visitors (such as elevator access control, interviewee room access control, restaurant consumption, etc.), and set the time limit for the visitors. When the information such as visitor identity information and visitor authority is entered, the automatic card issuing opportunity will automatically issue cards. Visitors swipe through the visitor card with corresponding authority and pass through the entrance and exit equipped with intelligent pedestrian channel gate. When leaving the site, when the visitors leave the building through the pedestrian access gate again, the temporary card automatic collection device is set at the access door. Visitors only need to insert the card into the automatic card collector. When the card information is inconsistent, the yellow light of the pedestrian channel gate equipment will light up and an alarm will sound to inform the staff to deal with the problem.

What Is the Working Mode of the Pedestrian Access Gate System Used in the Office Building_ Taigewang 1

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