Solve the Existing Problems to Improve the Practical Application of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Te

Nowadays, with the increase of vehicles, the parking lot system has become an essential standard security product configuration in the parking lot. The products produced by various enterprises comply with the requirements of users, have more and more rich functions, and the technical threshold is higher and higher. However, in the process of daily use, we can realize the problems existing in the parking lot system when we park, mainly in terms of people parking, finding parking spaces and paying fees. Parking is difficult. It has always been a problem. For people with cars, it has been bothering their life. The cumbersome steps of parking and card collection occupy most of people's parking time and are inefficient. Although the current license plate recognition system alleviates the parking problem to a certain extent, it still needs a time transition to replace the traditional parking lot system with the license plate recognition system. Finding a parking space is the biggest headache for car owners. They can't find a parking space when driving around in the parking lot. Car owners can't understand the use of parking spaces and the specific location of remaining parking spaces in real time, resulting in a waste of time. To a certain extent, the parking space guidance system can help car owners quickly find the remaining parking space in the parking lot, so that car owners can complete parking in a very short time. Payment is difficult. Payment has always been the most concerned issue since people park, because it involves our interests. How can we make the payment standardized and standardized, make people feel more at ease when parking, avoid manual participation in charging as much as possible, and let car owners pay the parking fee themselves through some self-help payment machines or wechat payment, This not only saves the trouble of manual payment and change at the exit, but also allows the car owner to clearly know the consumption record of each parking. The application of intelligent parking lot system solves the problems existing in people's parking process in the parking lot, and makes people's parking more simple and convenient.

Solve the Existing Problems to Improve the Practical Application of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Te 1

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