Wechat Smart Parking Makes Parking No Longer Difficult_ Taigewang Technology

The problem of difficult parking has spread to all aspects of our life. With the growth of vehicles, people have tried their best to solve the problem of difficult parking. Recently, from WeChat, the owners of car park can pay the price of the WeChat parking lot by paying attention to the official account of WeChat, and the parking lot has attracted the attention of all. It is understood that there are 13 cities in China, and more than 30000 parking spaces have been transformed into wechat smart parking. How does wechat smart parking come true? Next, taigewang will tell you about the working principle of wechat parking. WeChat car park car park car park car park official account is the main reason for parking. When the vehicle owners are concerned about the parking lot's public assistant number, the vehicle can be registered, and the parking lot can be inquired at any time, the parking spaces in the parking lot can be understood, and the vacant parking spaces can be scheduled. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the owners can query the parking position of the vehicle through WeChat. You can pay by scanning the QR code on the parking card through your mobile phone. In order to solve the problems of difficult parking, expensive parking and queuing payment, wechat smart parking has found the opportunity to transform the cloud parking lot. The cloud parking lot is upgraded from the original parking lot system. It can realize self-service payment by downloading the cloud parking app. The administrator can network real-time monitoring and understand the parking lot information through the app. Cloud parking can break through regional restrictions and realize ubiquitous parking reservation, online payment and other functions.

Wechat Smart Parking Makes Parking No Longer Difficult_ Taigewang Technology 1

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