The Use of Parking Space Guidance Parking Lot System Makes Parking Lot Management More Convenient_ T

With the continuous increase of vehicles, in order to meet people's parking needs, the parking lot is also expanding. With the continuous increase of parking spaces in the parking lot, it is no longer so simple for people to quickly find the location of parking spaces in the parking lot. The parking space guides the use of the parking lot system, makes the parking lot management more convenient, can better serve people's parking, and create a safe, convenient and efficient parking environment for people. As an intelligent parking lot management system, parking space guidance parking lot system has been widely used in some large parking lots. It mainly detects whether vehicles are parked in each parking space by installing a parking space detector in the parking lot, and indicates the detected signal through the indicator light. Finally, The information of parking spaces in the parking lot is displayed at the entrance and exit of the parking lot through the display screen of remaining parking spaces. With the widespread use of parking space guiding parking lot system, on the one hand, it makes it more convenient for people to park and find the location of spare parking spaces in time. On the other hand, it is convenient for parking lot managers to understand the use of parking spaces in the parking lot in real time and adjust the parking lot in time. In the past two years, the number of vehicles has increased greatly, which has brought some difficulties to the parking lot management. With the development of technology, for the convenience of vehicle management, some intelligent parking lot system functions are gradually increasing. For the convenience of management, many parking lots not only add the function of parking space guidance, but also the functions of license plate recognition, reverse car search and self-service payment, which makes it much more convenient for people to park.]

The Use of Parking Space Guidance Parking Lot System Makes Parking Lot Management More Convenient_ T 1

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