Intelligent Demand Promotes Further Upgrading of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology

In the past year, China's parking lot industry as a whole showed a trend of market growth and increased demand. The automotive aftermarket is a huge cake. According to incomplete statistics, the automotive aftermarket reached 800 billion in 2015. As the enjoyment of this big cake, taigewang technology with high-quality resources can only continuously upgrade its parking system products, accelerate the layout and occupy the market first, so as to expand its territory in the field of intelligent parking. With the development of technology, parking equipment also tends to be more intelligent. As a high-end intelligent subversive product in the parking industry, the intelligent parking lot system has gradually entered people's vision in recent two years and received strong attention. In the face of huge market demand, the development potential and future prospect of the parking lot system are very considerable. However, under the pressure of such great demand, how can parking system manufacturers make their products based on the market and favored by more people? As we all know, convenient use is the basis for the stable operation of the parking lot. At present, the traditional parking lot system still has many limitations. Using card swiping to enter and exit the parking lot completely depends on manual management, there are serious charging loopholes and low efficiency. At the same time, according to the different requirements of users, the later installation and commissioning is extremely complex, resulting in a significant increase in cost. In view of the shortcomings of the traditional parking lot system, the intelligent parking lot system has been improved in function and appearance. The integrated license plate recognition system is adopted to make the installation and commissioning of the whole equipment more convenient. At the same time, the license plate recognition system is adopted to make it easier for vehicles to enter and leave the parking lot. At the same time, the license plate recognition parking lot system can save manual management, Save cost for parking lot. With the change of people's needs, any product is constantly updated in order to meet people's needs. Of course, the parking lot system is no exception. Only by constantly improving the function of the product can it adapt to the change of needs.

Intelligent Demand Promotes Further Upgrading of Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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