In the Parking Lot System, the Road Gate Rod Is "most Afraid" of Being Hit_ Taigewang Technology

I believe many people have met with the phenomenon that the road gate rod in the parking lot system is hit. In fact, no matter how good the material of the road gate rod is, it is afraid of being hit by vehicles. I hope you should control your speed when entering the parking lot to avoid the lack of guarantee for personnel safety and property safety due to too fast speed. No matter what it is, the most afraid thing is to be hit. As a manufacturer of parking lot system, we always encounter some customers who say that the road brake rod in their parking lot has been hit and want to buy the road brake rod. Moreover, this worry is always staged in major parking lots, which always makes people feel sorry. Therefore, we hope that when major car owners enter the parking lot, In order to ensure your personal safety and property safety, try to control your speed and pay attention to the surrounding environment. Take our parking lot system industry for example. The parking lot system seems to be an item placed in our parking lot, but it is most afraid of being hit. We have heard many stories about the collision of the road gate rod in the parking lot system before. The purpose is to remind all car owners to pay attention to the safety of public property in the parking lot while parking their cars. In order to prevent the road gate rod in the parking lot system from being hit, as the manufacturer of the parking lot system, we should first improve the anti-collision performance of the parking lot system, and improve it from the structural design, raw material selection and production; In addition, adjust the sensitivity of the gate lifting rod, because the gate response is not sensitive, resulting in the slow rise and fall speed of the gate rod, and the owner will easily hit the gate rod; Finally, the design of the entrance and exit of the parking lot is reasonable. The entrance and exit of some parking lots will be on a slope, resulting in some car owners unable to control the speed when entering the parking lot, resulting in the collision of the road gate rod. There are many factors causing the collision of the gate in the parking lot system. For everyone's safety and the safety of public property in the parking lot, the only thing we can do is to analyze the causes of the collision of the gate rod. I hope you can supervise and remind each other to usher in a harmonious and safe living environment for our parking lot.

In the Parking Lot System, the Road Gate Rod Is

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