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If the parking lot wants to be modern and intelligent, the following systems are essential. 1. License plate recognition system the license plate recognition management system is adopted at the entrance and exit of the parking lot, which can speed up the access speed of vehicles and improve the operation efficiency of the parking lot. By installing a special camera for license plate recognition at the entrance and exit to capture the license plate number and identification number when the vehicle enters and exits, the link of issuing and swiping the card in the traditional parking lot is omitted, so that the vehicle does not stop to pass, which not only speeds up the vehicle passing speed, but also can effectively manage and monitor the vehicle. 2. Parking space guidance system the parking space guidance system uses ultrasonic or video detection technology to detect the status of parking spaces in real time, and publish the detection results to each guidance screen, so that vehicle drivers can quickly find spare parking spaces through guidance, avoid aimlessly looking for parking spaces in the parking lot, alleviate Lane congestion and improve the utilization rate of parking spaces in the parking lot. 3. Reverse car search system reverse car search system can help users quickly find their favorite car, speed up departure speed and improve parking space turnover. Just swipe the card or enter the license plate number on the reverse car finder, and the display screen of the reverse car Finder will show the best route to pick up the car to help users quickly find their car. It is a necessary system for large parking lots. 4. Self service payment system the self-service payment system can enable users to make self-service payment, pay and settle in advance, avoid the trouble of queuing up at the exit, make vehicles leave the site quickly and avoid Lane congestion.

How to Build an Intelligent Modern Parking System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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