AYS Daily Digest 14/1/20: Animal Camera Traps Used to Catch People in Italy

FEATUREDThe European criteria on for the methods used by the Member States to combat illegal migration is reaching a new low. Announcing the new idea of using animal traps to catch people and send them back to Slovenia, the Italian regional councilor for security, Pierpaolo Roberti said:The Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Region is ready to purchase photo traps to be placed on the paths near the borders to identify in real-time the transits of irregular immigrants. These optical detection systems would transmit the data collected to the regional administration and law enforcement, thus allowing targeted interventions and increasing the number of readmissions, particularly to Slovenia.

AYS Daily Digest 14/1/20: Animal Camera Traps Used to Catch People in Italy 1

The commissioner then specified that these are inexpensive equipment which, thanks to specific software, can be calibrated to identify only human presence. Their adoption is therefore an interesting opportunity that is added to the others already proposed, such as the use of drones or fixed positions with thermal cameras.We have thus far found no official reactions to this by the EU institutions or the international refugee agencies.

GREECEThe boat that sank near the island of Paxi, western Greece, killing at least 12 people, appears to have had 50 people on board, examinations show. The suspects thought to be smugglers, aged 26, 30 and 49 and identified as Afghan nationals, were among those rescued by the Coast Guard on January 11, the media report, and they will appear on Tuesday before an investigative magistrate in the western town of Preveza.The number of arrivals since last Wednesday reportedly arrived to 284 on Lesvos, 56 on Chios and 137 on Samos.

In the meantime, on Tuesday 500 people were transferred from Lesvos and Samos to the mainland. There are still 21,123 people on the island of Lesvos, of which 19,122 are staying in Moria.By the end of February, more than 10,000 asylum seekers currently staying at the so-called reception and identification centers will reportedly have been transferred from the Aegean islands.

According to a government plan, these people will bee housed in new structures planned for their accommodation. Despite the reactions following announcements from local MPs and local authorities on the location of the new centers, the official plan is allegedly to begin immediately with setting up the structures.There are already 30 open accommodation structures in the country, with about 25,000 people.

AYS Daily Digest 14/1/20: Animal Camera Traps Used to Catch People in Italy 2

According to government planning, the 10 new centers will be able to accommodate 10,000 to 15,000 people and will be established in Ilia, Arta, Amfilochia, Larissa, two more in Central Macedonia, one in Central Greece, one in Fthiotida (the most likely in Lamia) and two in Crete, one of which in the Prefecture of Rethymnon.NO NAME KITCHEN health program is a call to all those people who wants to take action against injustice. The program covers health needs: basic services are often insufficient and people on the move barely access medical care within transit countries, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Greece, Montenegro and Serbia.

Local population is sometimes set in a vulnerable context that leaves them without any access to health care, an access that the program aims to assure. This initiative is a simple, direct and human way not only to support people in need but also a possibility for the supporters to get in touch with people on the move and touch with hands daily challenges all these people experience during their migration path.The program started in June, 2019 allowing 150 people to access medical care, most cases are about dentist, optician and general medicines.

The reasons why people in transit access this program are: discrimination, lack of documentation to access free services, lack of the specialized services within the public system and emergency situations which are not always recognized by the public hospitals which require the patients to pay for those services.The connection is real and tangible: people on the move and supporters get in touch with each other to share a word, a virtual hug and strength to continue the trip. I heard about the Balkan route, but I could not imagine that people traveled months or years, neither that they lived in abandoned houses or that the reception system was that poor in transit country claimed Gaia, an Italian girl who supported Saim, 22 years old from Pakistan who got a dermatological problem.

The soul of the program is therefore not only fight injustice, allowing people on the move to access basic health services, but also to raise awareness on the Balkan route as well as the challenging situation faced by people on the move.The program also supports local people when vulnerable to launch a key message: solidarity knows no boundaries.BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINAVelika KladuaIn Velika Kladua, one of the two main towns closest to the border with Croatia/EU, the volunteers keep up their work with the many people who havent been fortunate enough to get a place at the official (horrible as it is) camp Miral in the city, ran by the IOM.

These people improvise in order to find a place to rest each day, mostly in abandoned shacks and houses, or outside in some provisional camp-like points. The people helping in the area range from the locals, those present in the city for more than a year, and groups of changing volunteer teams, primarily the No Name Kitchen team. One of the people who has now been living in Kladua for a long time is Pixi, who has reactivated his list of needs in order to continue working.

He writes:We need building material so we can build shelters for humans.Sleeping bagsMatressesBlanketsFor now, we are good with medical supplies for about two months except for the scabies treatment medicine.Needs:Scabies treatmentGlovesWarm underwear (short and long)Jackets l and mPantsWarm socksShoes 4044CROATIAAs an answer to the presentation of the Croatian plan for the Council of EU Presidency, the countrys prime minister received rightful reactions from some of the MEPs in Brussels.

After Andrej Plenkovi presented Croatias priorities during its presidency of the EU, European Greens leader Ska Keller spoke about reports of alleged violence and abuse by Croatias police against illegal migrants on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.The EU has to respect law and human rights at its own borders. Unfortunately, we keep getting news that there are numerous serious human rights violations especially at the Croatian border, the president of the GUE-NGL group said.

Here, for example, their government has an obligation to campaign for a reform of the European migration policy one that is committed to human rights and the fundamental right to asylum, he concluded.Swedish MEP Malin Bjrk had equally strong words for the Croatian Prime Minister over the countrys violent pushbacks at its borders with Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia, having visited the various sites herself just before Christmas:The Croatian presidency wants to focus on rule of law and humane migration management. But that completely contradicts what is currently happening at the Croatian borders and inside the country.

According to careful estimates, there had been 10,000 illegal pushbacks in 2018 and more than 25,000 in 201910,000 of them were chain pushbacks stretching from Slovenia to Croatia and Bosnia.Not only this, I am sure the Croatian Prime Minister has read reports of systematic brutality and cruelty by Croatian border police in carrying out the pushbacks. They are absolutely shocking.

At the borders, I heard stories from people who had been pushed back. I saw their wounds which were even worse than in the reports. Some had been maimed by dogs, others by taser.

I heard first hand stories of many who had been beaten and had their had all their belongings stolen by the border police, or had to stand in ice cold water up to their chest for 3o minutes before being forced to march back to Bosnia. It was endless. Anyone trying to assist refugees and migrants are persecuted.

It is frankly speaking a horrendous situation all together, said the Swedish MEP.Croatian MEP Tomislav Sokol (HDZ) responded that those were untruths as the reports referred to were not by the relevant bodies. He underlined that Croatia is respecting the law, but Bjork said that in the very short time she visited the border she saw 25 pushbacks.

ITALYCavarzerani curfew and checks in the apartments on demand of La LegaOn the request of the League, the infamous Italian right-wing party, whose members met the Prefect of Udine, in order to improve security in the city, the decision was made that more stringent rules for the evening return to Cavarzerani reception centre, and that they would do cross checks on those people living in rented apartments across town.Cavarzerani is a first reception centre in Udine, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. In August 2018 an Afghan Dublin returnee suffering from mental illness committed suicide in the centre.

According to media reports, the barracks were hosting about 700 people during those summer months, whereas the maximum capacity is 350 people.First reception centres are collective centres, up until now set up in large facilities, isolated from urban centres and with poor or otherwise difficult contacts with the outside world. Generally speaking, all governmental centres are very often overcrowded.

Accordingly, the quality of the reception services offered is not equivalent to reception facilities of smaller size.DENMARKThe Danish branch of Amnesty International has now initiated a petition to the Danish government demanding that the conditions in the exit center Ellebk must be rectified in accordance with the recent report from the European Councils Torture Commission. Forholdene p Ellebk skal forbedres!

| AmnestyValdemar Jrgensen/Jyllands-Posten/Ritzau Scanpix Vi vil ikke finde os i, at Danmark behandler afviste asylansgere somamnesty.dkSWEDENThe critical and independent media platform Kvartal is accusing the minister of justice and immigration, Morgan Johansson, manipulation and omissions in regard to statistics about the reunification of families and others to Sweden.The claim is that the minister on his Twitter account recently has been doing a deliberate misrepresentation of changes in the legal framework for reunification and their subsequent effects on the inflow of asylum seekers to Sweden.

The main issue is the categorization of asylum seekers between the ones who are in risk of personal persecution and others who are fleeing war and in this way are facing a more general risk. As the statistics aimed at targeting the effect of a more liberal set of rules is not able to identify a distinction between the two groups, and as the length of the administrative process is not sufficiently accounted for, the ministers statements of a causal link become invalid and manipulative, according to the platform.Also, the refusal of answering any clarifying questions to the matter is stressing the impression of the minister as best ignoring his responsibilities.

NORWAYWhat happens to the children brought back from the ISIS-held area?A case: a 29-year-old IS-accused woman and her two children are now being brought home from Syria to Norway. The woman and children came out of Syria this afternoon, it was reported.

The return of the two children and the mother involves an apparent political reversal on the part of the Norwegian government. The woman came out of the IS area in Baghouz last year, and she has consistently claimed that she wants to return to Norway with her children. The Norwegian authorities have stated that all Norwegian citizens, including the IS women and their children, have the right to return to Norway.

At the same time, they have made it clear that they will not do anything active to help the women back home. The governments policies have been heavily criticized, not the least because no more efforts has been done to help the 29-year-olds son. He has a condition that a Syrian doctor has diagnosed as probably cystic fibrosis.

UKA disturbing restraining case at the Yarls WoodGiven her nationality and where she comes from I had concerns about HIV. This was a comment by one of the guards at the infamous Yarls Wood prison after a woman bit her as a reaction while she was forcibly being restrained by 5 guards. The Nigerian woman who was restrained face down by a group of guards in the detention centre feared for her life and begged them to stop holding her neck, a court has heard.

The detention custody officers for Serco, a Home Office sub-contractor, were trying to deliver her to escorts who would put her on a charter flight to Nigeria, which was due to take off from Birmingham airport that evening, the media reported. The court heard the woman was resisting because her solicitor had informed her the removal had been canceled. It was later confirmed that the Home Office had indeed deferred her removal on that evenings charter flight.

This occurred in May 2018, but already in the months leading up to this particular arrest, AYS wrote about the centre and that contrary to what the officials keep saying, the women at the centre claim there is no pattern in the circumstances of detainees, only the reasons given by the Home Office. They organised a hunger strike at the time. The hunger strike was happening because as fearful as the 120 women had been, they were tired of being silenced with a plate of food.

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Several Important Reference Indexes for Installing Intelligent Parking System in Community_ Taigewan
Several Important Reference Indexes for Installing Intelligent Parking System in Community_ Taigewan
At present, the intelligent parking lot system has become the standard configuration of new residential areas. However, since the intelligent parking lot system has only been developed in recent years, there is no unified national standard, which brings difficulties to the performance evaluation, especially for some people who have not contacted the intelligent parking lot, they don't know which aspects to choose a parking lot system. Therefore, we list several performance indicators for your reference. 1. Number of vehicles managed by the community how many vehicles are there in the community? What is the order of magnitude of parking lot management? These are the first things you should consider. The number of management vehicles affects the configuration of the parking lot system, such as gate lifting speed, card reading mode selection, system performance selection, etc. 2. Import and export management mode, which method is used to manage vehicle import and export? Whether to use short-distance card swiping or long-distance card reading is the problem to be considered in this part. If the community is only open to the owner's vehicles, the remote identification system should be the first choice. If you need to charge for temporary vehicles, you can use IC card swiping system or a combination of distance and distance to speed up the traffic speed of vehicles. 3. System cost intelligent parking lot system cost includes system software, hardware and construction cost. The software and hardware include intelligent gate, controller, surveillance camera, management computer, parking lot management system, wire rod, etc. The parking lot system is divided into different levels. There are thousands of low-grade ones and 5 to 8 high-grade ones. The general price is about 20000 to 40000. 4. During the construction period of the project, the construction of intelligent parking lot system includes the installation of road gates, controllers, surveillance cameras, safety islands, toll booths and other equipment, which generally takes about 10 to 30 working days. 5. The comprehensive performance of the system shall consider the response time, stability, mean time between failures, data record storage time, etc. Taking the mean time between failures as an example, the general warranty period of the parking lot system is one year, and the mean time between failures should be more than 4 months. The above indicators are for your reference when installing the intelligent parking lot system. Of course, the parking lot system is a comprehensive project and needs to be considered in many aspects. If you have such needs, please contact us taigewang, and we will provide you with detailed information and solutions free of charge.
License Plate Recognition System Has Obvious Advantages in Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technology
License Plate Recognition System Has Obvious Advantages in Parking Lot_ Taigewang Technology
Now many parking lots have successively adopted the license plate recognition system, abandoning the traditional single card swiping mode, and the users who apply the license plate recognition system respond well. Market demand is driving people's parking mode towards a new era. This new management mode has been adopted in many fields such as business center, residential area, government organs and public transportation. With the breakthrough of parking lot management system technology, license plate recognition system will gradually go deep into people's life. Compared with the traditional parking lot system, the license plate recognition system has many advantages: firstly, the license plate recognition system can allow vehicles to pass quickly and automatically without parking and swiping cards. When the traffic flow is large and the vehicles are frequent and dense, all vehicles can enter the site quickly to avoid the phenomenon of vehicle queuing, and all vehicles can enter the site without stopping. Secondly, there are diversified charging modes. According to the management of the park, not only can the central fees, the discount of magnetic cards, the payment of the users of the storage be paid, and so on, but also the mobile phone end payment can be used, such as the popular WeChat payment and Alipay payment. License plate recognition system has many functions, such as license plate recognition, information release, voice broadcast, mobile payment, traffic flow statistics, vehicle capture, vehicle type recognition, advertising and so on. When the vehicle enters the site, the license plate recognition system automatically captures the vehicle photos, identifies its license plate number, records the date and time of vehicle entry, vehicle number plate and vehicle photos, and then makes judgment and analysis according to these information, prompts the owner's parking space and the use of the current parking space, and lifts the pole for release. When leaving the site, take another picture of the vehicle, identify its license plate number, automatically find the entry record, vehicle type and access comparison of the vehicle, and then judge whether it is a resident or temporary parking customer of the parking lot according to the data. If so, it is released according to the setting requirements of the property management personnel, otherwise it is released according to the vehicle type (taxi, delivery vehicle, official vehicle, etc.) Determine the receivable temporary parking fee and then release it. It greatly improves the work efficiency of property management personnel and effectively solves the safety problem of parking lot.
Development and Application of Face Recognition Payment Technology_ Taigewang Technology
Development and Application of Face Recognition Payment Technology_ Taigewang Technology
Face recognition payment system is a payment platform based on face recognition system. It was first launched by the Finnish startup uniqul in July 2013. The system does not need a wallet, credit card or mobile phone. When paying, it only needs to face the camera on the POS screen. The system will automatically associate the consumer's facial information with the personal account. The whole transaction process is very convenient. In the same year, the intelligent multimedia technology research center of Chongqing Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the research on this payment method. Zhou Xi, director of the center, introduced that as of August 2014, the center had completed the research on Key Technologies of face recognition payment system. The center's first face data acquisition array in the world can synchronously collect faces from 91 angles, and can achieve the best recognition effect for the most influential states such as changeable illumination, multi angle and occlusion. The face recognition system of intelligent multimedia technology research center has been applied to automatic customs clearance system of border inspection station, dynamic face recognition attendance machine, multi-attribute dynamic face recognition system, etc. On this basis, the center has developed a face recognition mobile payment system, which can pay only by swiping a face card. Face recognition is a biometric technology for identity authentication based on people's facial feature information. The biggest feature of the technology is that it can avoid personal information leakage and recognize in a non-contact way. Face recognition, fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, retinal recognition, bone recognition and heartbeat recognition all belong to human biometric recognition technology. They all came into being with the rapid development of photoelectric technology, microcomputer technology, image processing technology and pattern recognition. Identification can be carried out quickly, accurately and healthily; It is non reproducible. Even after cosmetic surgery, the technology can find the original you from hundreds of facial features. Face recognition system has been widely used in the world. In China, it has been widely used in many important industries and fields such as public security, security, customs, finance, military, airports, border ports and security, as well as civil markets such as intelligent access control, door locks, attendance, mobile phones, digital cameras and intelligent toys.
The Use of Parking Lot Management System Effectively Improves the Weekly Efficiency of Parking Space
The Use of Parking Lot Management System Effectively Improves the Weekly Efficiency of Parking Space
With the increase of vehicles, most cities in China are facing a common problem: it is difficult to park. In order to solve this problem, some developed cities in China have begun to adopt intelligent parking lot management system parking guidance system. What benefits can the use of parking guidance system bring to people's parking? Can the difficulty of parking be alleviated? The rapid increase of vehicles has brought infinite vitality to the manufacturers of parking lot system, and also continuously improved this technology. A set of intelligent parking lot management system has many functions. Parking guidance system is a subsystem of parking lot management system, which has begun to operate in some cities. Relying on advanced technologies such as radio communication network, wireless sensor network and spatial geographic information, it establishes a unified platform for urban road parking guidance management, realizes computer intelligent management of parking charge calculation, berth statistics, reconciliation and settlement, personnel attendance, and makes real-time statistics according to the number of parking on the road, It is convenient for car owners to know the parking conditions in time, and realizes the integration of charging management and guidance service platform. The parking guidance system can support mobile client query. With the touch of your finger, you can grasp the parking situation of thousands of berths in the city. Car owners can easily find the nearest and most idle parking spot. Compared with manual management, the intelligent parking lot management system enables managers to understand the use of parking spaces in real time, facilitate the timely adjustment of parking spaces, and improve the turnover and utilization of parking spaces. For car owners, the parking time can be used reasonably, and the charging amount can be seen at a glance.
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
What Are the Characteristics of a High-quality Parking System_ Taigewang Technology
Speaking of the parking lot system, we are all familiar with its use in the parking lot, but in terms of selection, a high-quality parking lot system should not only pay attention to high quality, but also have some of its own characteristics in order to be called a high-quality parking lot system. In fact, how to judge whether the parking lot system is qualified? It must be discussed from several aspects. Reliability and stability: the stability of the equipment is very important to the equipment itself. The reliability and stability of the product are related to the length of its service life. The equipment should have self-protection ability and strong fault tolerance and system rehabilitation ability, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system as long as possible, and can be corrected and recovered as soon as possible in case of system faults. Performance price ratio: the selection of parking lot system is very important. How to choose a more cost-effective equipment? The configuration of each equipment needs to be determined according to the requirements of its own parking lot environment. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the parking lot, ensure that the full set price of the system is low, and then make the system have high cost performance. Degree of compatibility and standardization: compatibility is the key to complete the interconnection between devices of many different manufacturers and different protocols. The system shall be able to effectively communicate and share data, and complete the compatibility and interoperability between equipment or systems as far as possible. The higher the degree of standardization and openness of the system, the longer the service life of the system. A high-quality parking system needs to be selected and judged from all aspects, but more importantly, it meets the use requirements of the parking lot, and may provide people with a good parking environment from all aspects such as parking, payment, looking for parking space and so on.
What Are the Factors Affecting the Development of License Plate Recognition System_ Taigewang Techno
What Are the Factors Affecting the Development of License Plate Recognition System_ Taigewang Techno
As one of the most widely used equipment in the parking lot in the past two years, the license plate recognition system can provide people with a convenient parking environment and can be used as a facade in the parking lot. However, the requirements for the license plate recognition system are different according to people's needs in the market, and there are many factors affecting the use of the license plate recognition system. First of all, the quality of products, no matter what products, our primary consideration is their quality, because product quality is the decisive factor affecting the service life of products. There are many brands of license plate recognition systems being sold in the market, and the quality is also very different. For some manufacturers with brand strength, they have R & D and production conditions, so the product quality is relatively reliable; However, some manufacturers do not have the conditions for R & D and production. In the early stage, they will take other people's parts for assembly and OEM sales, so such products have no quality assurance. Secondly, the price of the product is higher than that of the card swiping parking lot system. Therefore, considering the price alone, the possible advantages of the license plate recognition system are not obvious. From the long-term interests, the license plate recognition system saves manual management and saves manual management costs for the parking lot. Therefore, License plate recognition system is still the need of future development. Moreover, the impact of installation factors on the license plate recognition system. Compared with the card swiping parking lot system, although the wiring and installation of the license plate recognition system is simple, it needs the guidance of professionals to ensure its recognition rate and equipment stability. License plate recognition system is a popular and widely used set of equipment. Its use in the parking lot will give people a high-end and atmospheric feeling, and a comfortable parking environment will also create a good parking experience.
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
The Problem of Arbitrary Parking and Charging Is Serious, and the Charging System of Intelligent Par
Recently, many citizens reported that vehicles in many sections were parked on the roadside, and some blocked the entrance and exit of the subway, which brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens. In view of this situation, the reporter conducted an investigation and found that an open space at the exit A1 of a subway was full of cars, but this was not a special parking lot, There is a clearly marked parking lot at exit A3, but there are only 20 parking spaces, which is obviously not enough, and this parking lot is free, so it is crowded with vehicles every day. Then, the reporter went to another subway exit and found that there was a p R parking lot not far away. There were many parking spaces, but only a few cars were parked in it, which seemed very cold. According to the administrator of P R parking lot, there was no charge in the parking lot here before, and many vehicles were parked every day. Now the parking charge regulations have been formulated, There is no charge for the car within an hour. From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the car will be parked for 2 hours at 3 yuan per car, more than 2 yuan per hour. For the rest of the time, it will be parked for 1 yuan per hour for a continuous day, with a maximum charge of 12 yuan. Many car owners have expressed their opposition, so few vehicles stop here. The charging standard of P R parking lot should be the same as that of public welfare parking lots such as public institutions and libraries. Therefore, in view of this situation, the city will rectify the random parking on the roadside, cancel some areas that are not parking spaces, and implement some preferential policies for P R parking lot, such as using subway tickets to offset parking fees, so as to encourage citizens to use p R parking lot as much as possible, so as to solve the problem of replacing irrelevant vehicles with parking lots for a long time, It can also solve the burden of changing to citizens, and make full use of the parking space of P R parking lot. Finally, the P R parking lot will be reconstructed, and the intelligent parking lot charging system will be used for charging. The system can automatically implement the parking consumption discount function. For some fixed vehicles, the license plate recognition system will be used, which can save the time for car owners to enter and leave the parking lot. In order to enable car owners to easily find the specific location of spare parking spaces, The installation of parking space guidance in the parking lot will be very important, because sometimes when we enter the parking lot, we will find that we can't find the parking space until we turn around in the parking lot, and sometimes we can't even find it. Therefore, the parking space guidance parking lot system will help us find the parking space as soon as possible.
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
The Prospect of License Plate Recognition System, an Indispensable Parking System in Intelligent Tra
With the rapid development of urbanization in China, the traffic pressure is becoming more and more severe. Intelligent traffic management has become the general direction of traffic development. In the automotive field, the parking market segment has always been regarded as a trillion cake, especially in the first tier cities. Parking is basically just needed like housing. In view of the pain points of the parking industry, the state has put forward a proposal to speed up the construction of intelligent transportation to better guide citizens to travel; Various parking lot system manufacturers have put forward various solutions conducive to parking lot management; For example, license plate recognition system, parking space guidance system, reverse vehicle search system, cloud parking and other parking schemes and measures. As the basic equipment of the entrance and exit of the parking lot system, the license plate recognition system is the basis for the realization of other systems. At the same time, the license plate number is the only mark for vehicle identification. Only rapid and accurate recognition of the license plate is the premise for the realization of other parking lot management. License plate recognition technology has been applied in the security industry for a long time, and the technology is relatively mature. The application of artificial intelligence improves the accuracy of license plate recognition. In recent years, license plate recognition system is also widely used in expressway, so as to realize the non-stop traffic of vehicles. How to select a set of high-quality license plate recognition system has become the primary task to solve the problem of parking lot management. Considering the quality of a set of license plate recognition system, there are three indicators, namely recognition rate, recognition speed and background management system. Of course, the prerequisite to ensure these is that the system can operate stably and reliably. After years of development, license plate recognition system has become a more mature technology, and is used more and more in parking lots. More convenient parking methods create a good parking environment for people. At the same time, license plate recognition technology will gradually develop to high-definition, integration and intelligence, and continue to play an important role in various application systems.
Parking Lot Charging System Highlights Intelligent New Life, and Meeting Demand Is the Key_ Taigewan
Parking Lot Charging System Highlights Intelligent New Life, and Meeting Demand Is the Key_ Taigewan
After more than ten years of development, the parking lot charging system has developed from a simple vehicle entrance and exit management to a complete parking charging system. Realize the unified management of parking fees through Internet technology, and ensure people's parking safety and parking lot management safety whenever and wherever. The parking lot charging system has experienced several important stages, and its security and management are gradually improved. License plate recognition and wechat payment technology are the latest technologies in the parking lot, which has made a great contribution to the management of the parking lot. In the past few years, the traditional card swiping management method has been adopted in the parking lot, but the card is easy to be copied due to the loopholes in the card management, which has brought great trouble and economic losses to the parking lot management; In order to facilitate management and reduce management cost, intelligent equipment is used to replace some low-end equipment and manual management, so as to promote the application of intelligent parking lot system in various fields. At present, intelligent parking lot system is widely used in all walks of life, such as government departments, intelligent communities, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, airports and other fields. By installing license plate recognition system at the entrances and exits of various places, and setting authority management for all incoming and outgoing vehicles, the parking status of vehicles can be monitored in real time. At the same time, all parking records can be viewed through Internet technology, so that people can park more at ease. The traditional parking payment has brought a lot of workload to the parking lot managers and a lot of trouble to the car owners. Now we have entered the era of mobile payment. With the popularization of mobile phones, the use of wechat payment function in various places has brought great convenience to people's payment. You can pay by paying attention to the QR code in the parking lot, This payment method is a reliable and convenient management method for both parking lot managers and car owners. It not only eliminates the risk of car owners' cards being copied, but also saves the work of card management. This advanced technology breaks through the traditional card management model and can better meet people's parking needs. In the future development, the parking lot charging system will integrate more identification management and payment methods. With the continuous change of people's needs, the parking lot system will also become a more intelligent new life.
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