PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 1
PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 2
PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 3
PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 1
PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 2
PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 3

PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture

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AC Motor
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Parking Automated Boom Barrier Gate Automation Systems

Company Advantages

· Each production step of TGW camera icon android is done via a rigorous process, from the mechanical process, the welding process, the spray painting process, and the fitting assembly.

· This product is able to retain its clean appearance. It doesn’t easily harbor dust mites, pet dander, or other allergens.

· The product has a promising application prospect and tremendous market potential.

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Hardware introduction


PARK-210 Boom Barrier Images TGW Manufacture 5

Barrier Boom Functions

1.The operation speed can be adjusted(3s to 6s).

2.Barrier gate up&down signal relay switch output.

3.R&G Traffic light relay switch signal output.

4.External loop detector signal anti-smashing interface.

5.Infrared sensor signal anti-smashing interface.

6.Count mode interface.

7.Arm swing out function,when the vehicle hit the barrier gate,the arm can be swing out to avoid further damage.

8.High-sensitivity arm auto reverse function(intensity can be adjusted).

9.Parking system interface.

10.RS485 communication interface.

11.Power off the backup battery interface.


Barrier Boom Features

1.Mechanical and electrical integration:quickly assembly,easy maintenance.

2.Molding production:high precision ,fast efficiency and guaranteed quality.

3.Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission:motor wheel design,gate opening by manually when power off,no blocking,no oil leakage,large torque,low noise,can normally operation at the temperature of minus 45 degree,etc.

4.DC brushless motor design:low consumption,high efficiency,no overheat,wide speed adjustment.

5.Hall limit:automatically detects the limit when power on without debugging,detecting the motor speed at all times and running at constant speed.

6.Curved triple connecting rod structure,easy to adjust.

7.Arm direction quickly interchanged :interchanged according to different directions on construction site,reduce inventory and capital pressure.

8.Special DC brushless controller:use interrated chip drive,fast processing speed,large memory,powerful function;24Clow voltage power supply,adapt to global voltage.


How to choose Barrier boom

Barrier boom regulate the stream of car, control exit and entrance.

Barrier boom are installed at parking lot,security desks, governmental facilities, schools, banks, hospitals, universities, sports etc.

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Company Features

· Being a reputed top access control systems designing and manufacturing company in China, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has accumulated extensive experience in this industry.

· It is the solid technical foundation that makes Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd stand out in the top access control systems industry. In order to accomplish technological innovation, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has introduced professional technicians and innovative equipment. To adapt to market's needs, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd keeps strengthening and updating its technology ability.

· Our goal is to provide clients with the best product solution and help their businesses grow. We attach importance to clients' problems and requirements and develop a strong and effective solution that works perfectly in their markets. Get quote!

Product Details

Our boom barrier images is exquisite in workmanship, and we are not afraid to enlarge the details of our products.

Application of the Product

Our boom barrier images can be used in a variety of industries to play a certain role.

TGW Technology provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with the products in the market, the boom barrier images produced by our company has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

TGW Technology has a high-quality management team and an experienced technical team, which provides a strong impetus for corporate development.

TGW Technology has a professional service team whose team members are dedicated to solving all kinds of problems for customers. We also run a comprehensive after-sales service system which enables us to provide a worry-free experience.

To better deal with our business, TGW Technology always holds a firm belief in the core value of 'cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win' and complies with the production principle of 'technical innovation, scientific management'. We insist on establishing good partnerships with new and old customers in the industry. Together we share scientific management concepts and learn from each other, so as to make common progress and strive to achieve mutual benefit.

Our company was founded in After a difficult exploration of years, we have experienced the industrial development.

The sales channels of our products cover the whole China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

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