The Parking System Combined with the Internet Makes the Parking Lot More Intelligent_ Taigewang Tech

Mr. Liu is the manager of the underground parking lot of a shopping center. When he talks about the management of the parking lot, he is full of bitterness. He said: when using the old card taking equipment, the user's card is always easy to be lost, and the card taking equipment is easy to be damaged. It will be paralyzed every few days, resulting in high management cost. Secondly, due to the lack of parking lot supervision measures, it is prone to financial loopholes. Due to the lack of intelligent tools, we can't count the spare parking spaces in the parking lot, which often leads to car owners wasting half a day nearby and failing to find spare parking spaces. During busy hours, the import and export are prone to congestion. In fact, there are countless parking lot managers who have the same trouble as Mr. Liu. Although the concept of smart parking lot has existed for a long time, there are few parking lots that really realize intelligence. The parking system has entered a white hot stage in the parking competition, but what kind of system is considered to be an intelligent parking system? Intelligent parking refers to a comprehensive parking lot background management system established by installing geomagnetic guidance (parking guidance) connected to the parking lot and connecting smart phones entering the parking lot, so as to realize automatic parking guidance and online self-service payment of parking fees. Intelligent parking system can realize the exchange of parking lot information, such as the sharing of remaining parking space information, so that car owners can travel purposefully and obtain peak shifting income. Car park management system mobile phone car and APP third party software are linked and shared data. As long as the third party mobile phone, WeChat official account, car park data and empty parking information can be obtained, the online parking space will be left to meet the parking fee and other information, thus achieving the change of business operation management process and the transformation of service mode. Improve the management efficiency and image of the parking lot.

The Parking System Combined with the Internet Makes the Parking Lot More Intelligent_ Taigewang Tech 1

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