The Intelligent Reverse Car Search System in the Parking Lot Helps You Find Your Car Accurately_ Tai

Now with the development of economy, many people are gathering in big cities, which leads to many management pressures. The problem of difficult parking has plagued big cities for many years. In cities with an inch of land and an inch of gold, underground parking lots, ground multi-storey parking lots and other parking facilities with small area and large capacity have increasingly become the main means to alleviate the parking pressure in cities, but at the same time, With the continuous expansion of the area of the parking lot and the rapid expansion of the number of cars, the difficulty coefficient of car search for car owners is also gradually increasing. In view of this situation, many companies have developed a new generation of intelligent vehicle search system according to the intelligent parking lot system, which can be said to fundamentally solve this problem, thus comprehensively promoting the rapid development of the intelligent parking system industry. At present, since most of the in-house parking lots in China are still in the original manual management stage, there are a variety of problems. For example, after entering the parking lot, the owner cannot quickly enter the parking position to park the vehicle, and can only blindly look for parking spaces in the parking lot, which will not only occupy the resources of the main lane in and out of the parking lot, but may even cause traffic congestion in the parking lot; Secondly, when the owner returns to the parking lot to pick up the car, due to the complex space and structure in the parking lot, he cannot find the parking position in time, which not only wastes time, but also affects the customer's parking experience; In addition, the parking lot managers can not obtain the occupancy of parking spaces in the parking lot in real time, nor can they timely count the traffic flow in different periods, and can not timely make operation adjustment and optimize the allocation of parking space resources according to the actual situation, resulting in low utilization rate of the parking lot; During peak hours, managers need to send a large number of staff for manual counseling, which is inefficient and costly. However, the emergence of intelligent reverse car search system can solve such problems. The system has infrared touch LCD display, and the hardware equipment integrates voice prompt and broadcast functions; You can search the vehicle according to the license plate, parking space, time and picture on the display screen; After finding the vehicle, the system will automatically plan and display the route to pick up the vehicle; At the same time, it supports the owner user stealth function and networking with the parking management system to realize the self-service electronic payment function. It can not only improve the utilization rate of parking lots and make the rational allocation of parking resources and social needs, but also improve the service quality of parking management and enable parking operators to manage parking lots more efficiently.

The Intelligent Reverse Car Search System in the Parking Lot Helps You Find Your Car Accurately_ Tai 1

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