The Intelligent Access Gate Provides Convenient Services for the Access Management of Open Community

At present, many residential areas have anti-theft doors at the entrance and exit, access control system, intelligent channel gate system, security and other security facilities. For closed residential areas, anti-theft doors, anti-theft networks and other measures are mostly used. Intelligent channel gate system (swing gate, wing gate, three roller gate) is more suitable for open residential areas. The most widely used intelligent access gate is in the community, especially in the open community. The combination of intelligent access gate and security personnel is more reasonable and atmospheric. The intelligent access gate provides convenient services for the access management of the open community. The advantages of the intelligent channel gate are: first, the card reading part can be configured according to the demand, and the human delay or infrared induction can be reset automatically. 2、 With the functions of human card comparison and face recognition, the safety and traffic efficiency are greatly improved. 3、 With counting function, the external screen displays the flow of people, which is convenient for the owner's management. III. the gateway can work with the host network or offline. According to the parameters downloaded in advance, intelligently verify whether the pass identity is valid, authorize the pass, and record the pass information. IV. with communication interface, it can directly control the work of intelligent channel gate through software, which is convenient for centralized and unified management and control of large channel system.

The Intelligent Access Gate Provides Convenient Services for the Access Management of Open Community 1

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