Solving the Problem of Parking Payment Is the First Step to Improve the User Experience of Intellige

With the rapid development of science and technology, many changes have taken place in the payment mode of daily life. At present, mobile payment occupies the mainstream of the payment market. Mobile payment is simple, convenient and fast, and is deeply loved by users. Intelligent parking enterprises should also start to introduce mobile payment to adapt to the market trend! So what kind of payment method should intelligent parking lots have? First, mobile phone mobile app scan code payment WeChat and Alipay payment method only need to print posters to pay for the two-dimensional code in the car park. The owner of the mobile phone uses the scanning function of WeChat mobile phone before leaving the field, scanning the two-dimensional code and entering the payment page, and paying the operation by the owner. Because of its low cost and strong interaction with the owner, it is convenient for the owner to use. Two, no sense of payment, no pay, parking payment function is through the car park license plate recognition technology and bank card or WeChat, Alipay and other three party payment platform bundled to achieve fast payment service. When the owner first uses the service, he needs to register the mobile phone through the two-dimensional code posted in the car park, and bind the bank card or WeChat, Alipay account and license plate number. It is worth noting that the same vehicle only needs to be contracted and bound once, and there is no need to repeat the operation in the future. Three, terminal payment 1: self service payment machine support banknotes, coins payment and redemption, support WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay flash payment. Support IC card and paper ticket bar code billing, security alarm function, illegal door opening alarm, etc. to realize the intelligent charging system of unattended parking lot. Car owners can directly use the self-service payment terminal to complete payment, saving more time. 2: Handset handset charging is usually applicable to roadside parking lots or parking lots with scattered parking. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the administrator uses the handset to scan the license plate number, automatically identify the vehicle information, and synchronize the recorded data to the cloud. When the vehicle comes out, the administrator uses the handset to scan the license plate number again. The handheld device recognizes the license plate number and calculates the parking fee synchronously with. The handheld device can display whether the car has been paid or needs to be paid.

Solving the Problem of Parking Payment Is the First Step to Improve the User Experience of Intellige 1

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