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What Contribution Has the Intelligent Parking Lot System Made to Alleviate the Parking Problem_ Taig

With the improvement of living standards, the sharp increase in the number of motor vehicles, the pressure of traffic management, parking difficulties and other problems are increasing day by day. Whether it is convenient for citizens to drive has become an important part of urban harmony. Traffic flow control and parking lot management are two major urban traffic problems in the new era. How to use the new thinking in the Internet era to make the intelligent parking lot management system intervene in the traffic field is a topic that every city is constantly trying. Especially for some parking places with large traffic flow, the difficulty of parking management is gradually increasing, the soaring number of motor vehicle visits, and the speed bottleneck of manual payment, resulting in difficulties in finding parking spaces and long waiting for exit, which have brought people a very bad parking experience. A complete set of intelligent parking scheme can realize a series of complete and automatic functions, such as rapid entry and rapid parking of vehicles, rapid vehicle search and rapid payment when the owner returns to the parking lot, so as to effectively solve the problems of slow parking, slow payment, difficult parking and difficult vehicle search caused by large traffic flow in the hospital parking lot, and greatly improve the traffic efficiency of vehicles, Pollution reduction. For an intelligent parking lot system, it is mainly composed of four modules: entrance and exit identification management system, parking space intelligent guidance system, license plate automatic identification system and self-service payment system. Through the highly intelligent integrated module, the vehicle in and out flow control and intelligent online payment functions are all realized by the information platform. It has changed the cumbersome process of the original system of vehicle access and payment, and alleviated the congestion caused by difficult parking. At present, there are many reasons for the problems of difficult and disorderly parking in cities. The early urban construction and development planning lags behind, there is a lack of parking scheme, and there is no reserved public parking land, resulting in a very weak foundation for the construction of urban parking facilities, the construction of parking facilities has not attracted enough attention at all levels, the number of parking spaces is limited, there are many loopholes, lax management, etc. In order to scientifically and effectively solve the problem of difficult parking, create an intelligent parking scheme for users, make the whole parking industry develop towards the trend of intelligence and modularization, and promote the sustainable and rapid development of intelligent transportation.

What Contribution Has the Intelligent Parking Lot System Made to Alleviate the Parking Problem_ Taig 1

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