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Install the Automatic License Plate Recognition System of the Parking Lot and Eliminate the "in and

In order to alleviate the congestion of the connecting sections of urban trunk roads and urban roads and eliminate the difficulty of entering and leaving the parking lot as soon as possible, the installation of license plate recognition system in the parking lot can change the traditional access management mode, eliminate the time for vehicles to swipe their cards in and out of the parking lot and speed up the traffic speed of vehicles. With the development of technology, we should break the traditional management mode, timely adopt advanced technology and equipment, promote the development of the original manual charging management of the parking lot to the intelligent direction, strengthen the management of the parking lot, and solve the problem of parking difficulty by changing the management mode of the parking lot. At present, the parking problem has seriously affected people's life and greatly hindered people's driving. Therefore, intelligent traffic management will be the general direction of traffic development in the future. License plate recognition parking lot system has been greatly developed in the parking lot. Compared with the all-in-one card system, license plate recognition has obvious advantages, which makes it easier for vehicles to enter and leave the parking lot. Firstly, compared with the all-in-one card, the license plate recognition parking lot system eliminates the work of card management; First, the card cost of the all-in-one card system is too high, which requires a lot of personnel to manage. Second, cards are easy to lose. For property managers, they need to register, cancel and change cards constantly, which not only wastes time, but also wastes capital cost. Secondly, the license plate recognition parking lot system can work normally in case of power failure, while the all-in-one card can not manage the vehicle in case of power failure. Finally, one of the most obvious advantages of the license plate recognition parking lot system is that it can enable the owner to enter the parking lot directly without parking and swiping his card. When leaving the parking lot, he can judge whether to release or not by comparing with the incoming vehicle information. In view of these special functions of license plate recognition parking lot system, it has been widely used in parking lot in recent years. With the increasing maturity of license plate recognition parking lot system technology, continuous upgrading of technology, continuous optimization of products and continuous improvement of recognition rate, at the same time, it can enable car owners to directly enter the parking lot without parking card swiping time, which effectively alleviates the difficulty of entering and leaving the parking lot, and will certainly become the development trend of the parking lot in the future.

Install the Automatic License Plate Recognition System of the Parking Lot and Eliminate the

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