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Five Aspects That Must Be Considered in the Construction of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewan

How to plan the construction of intelligent parking lot system? What analysis needs to be done? The construction of intelligent parking lot system is a comprehensive project. Before construction, we can analyze it from the following aspects. 1. Basically analyze the parking lot area, parking spaces, number of managed vehicles, vehicle type, lane type, parking space division, user requirements, etc., which are to be analyzed at this stage. 2. Function analysis what type of parking lot system is adopted and swipe card is adopted? Or free card? Or a combination of the two? How to charge? What functions are satisfied and are there any special requirements? 3. System analysis here mainly considers the stability and operability of the system. Stability is mainly reflected in: & Oslash; Does the intelligent system meet the requirements of waterproof, anti-static and anti electromagnetic interference& Oslash; Whether the intelligent device communication meets the encryption requirements, high density, and anti-human mechanism to destroy the charging signal& Oslash; Does the parking space have anti car loss consumption behavior and meet anti-theft requirements& Oslash; Failure rate of access control; The convenience of operation is mainly reflected in whether the operation is convenient and simple, so that managers can operate easily. 4. Compatibility upgrade analysis the software of different parking lot system manufacturers will be different, not to mention the compatibility of hardware and software. Therefore, it is advocated to find a good equipment supplier, which requires the necessary long-term service commitment. In addition, is the system complete? Are flexible applications and system upgrades met? All these need to be considered. 5. The analysis of entrance and exit layout design should consider that the equipment layout should be compact and tight, the resistance to natural factors and human touch should be considered, and the necessary subgrade or platform higher than the pavement or plane should be made. In addition, whether the equipment design is reasonable and beautiful is also one of the aspects to be considered.

Five Aspects That Must Be Considered in the Construction of Intelligent Parking Lot System_ Taigewan 1

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