Class 1 Misdemeanor for Touching a Car in Parking Lot and Not Leaving a Note?

Class 1 Misdemeanor for touching a car in parking lot and not leaving a note?

Class 1 Misdemeanor for Touching a Car in Parking Lot and Not Leaving a Note? 1

that is some bull sh!t. the person who snitched on you should be beat up. god cars get banged up parking next to each other every single day. 250 and 500 my a$$


i drive a 91 oldsmobile shillouette van it keeps over heating?

Once I replaced the thermostat on my car as regular matence, and it turned out to be defective. It over heated a week later and It kept leaking at every weakest link. I replaced the radiator, and water pump in a parking lot and then towed it home. I did not change the t-stat because I though it was fine because I just replaced it. Turned out it was not

Class 1 Misdemeanor for Touching a Car in Parking Lot and Not Leaving a Note? 2


I agree with rednecks/right wingers on this one issue, why the hell can't we defend(2nd ammendment) ourselves?

I carried a CW in Florida for 18 years. At first, I carried almost everywhere I went, until a problem one night at a bar. Feeling seriously threatened, I drew my weapon in a parking lot, never pointing, but making it's presence obvious. Nothing went down, but the next day I started thinking about it. The VERY serious potential was there, which WAS there, ONLY because I felt "braver" with my weapon...................which in truth was pure foolishness. I never carried it concealed again, only because IT does give one a false sense of "power", that unless you can SERIOUSLY justify firing on someone, was NOT the worth the risk. Better to talk my way out, fight and win or lose or run. "Better to be carried by 6 than judged by 12."


I hit a car going into a parking lot and panicked and left I will be charged?

It relies upon on the motor vehicle proprietor. If he/she likes retaining the motor vehicle advantageous, they are going to probable seek for out surveillance recordings etc. comprehend that a fulfillment and run (what you probably did) is a legal, and can bring about penitentiary time. stepping into difficulty with mommy is the least of your concerns if the guy comments it. and you probable only value that guy some hundred (or greater) money nicely worth of paint and physique artwork


What should I do if...?

CALL ME! You know I would elbow drop all of them for you! I was once chased around my car by some midgets in a parking lot....WHOA!


Can a cop give you a ticket for going 15 in a parking lot?

He probably marked you down as 15 when you were doing 30 and using an exhibition of speed i.e a burnout!


Can I park in a restaurant's parking lot that went out of business?

Unless there is a sign prohibiting parking and stating the owner of a car that parks there will have to pay towing and storage fees, you should not have a problem, but it is true that the property belongs to someone. That someone may be hard to find. The city or town may have taken it for taxes. The tax title may have been bought by someone and is waiting for the period of time provided by law for the original owner to redeem the tax title, and who will then proceed to become the clear title owner. Start by checking with city or town treasurer or tax collector's office. You can probably look it up online.


Has something like this ever happened to you?

I found a $100 in a parking lot once and I've had my purse returned to me with everything including paper money still in it. :)


Have you ever been to hospital? If so, why?

Fainted in the middle of a parking lot and then again when i was extreamly sick like i couldnt walk, barley talk, barfing, and was sweating like crazy!!


Recently I was at the store in the parking lot and had unloaded my groceries?

Your mom must be so proud


if somebody (ahem) accidentally scraped the side of your car in a parking lot?

I probably would not call back. But if I cared about my car's exterior that much and seriously thought a little scratch was worth all the hassle, I would probably call back later that day.

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