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Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 1
Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 2
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Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 1
Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 2
Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 3

Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер

Компанийн давуу тал· Tigerwong Parking дулааны скрининг термометрийн хэсэг бүрийг манай дизайны алба зохион бүтээсэн. They spend time researching,
Temperature Camera:
Binocular 2M+2M
User Capacity:
10000 person
Extended capacity:
Recognition rate:
Recognition speed:
Card reader:
English, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, etc
Place of Origin
Model Number
Product Name
Face Recognition Thermal Camera Attendance Face Machine

Company Advantages

· Each piece of Tigerwong Parking thermal screening thermometer is designed by our design department. They spend time researching, testing and experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques that best suit the scope of work for this piece of bedding.

· camera bag is manufactured based on high-quality materials. It not only has good shock absorption and anti-slip resistance but also has excellent UV resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It is a very durable and high-quality product.

· This product is widely appreciated among our customers for its wide range of applications.


Hardware introduction

Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 4


A high-performance dynamic   temperature-measuring   face recognition terminal, which is divided into gate installation and wall installation.

The terminal integrates the functions of   off-line face recognition, temperature detection, mask recognition, identity verification, on-site face collection ,

blacklist early-warning, photo taken after passing, active object detection. It adopts   WDR HD face recognition camera ,

which is fully adapted to harsh environment such as   strong light, back light and weak light , with characteristics of   fast recognition speed ,

high accuracy and large list storage capacity .


Product details

Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 5


About temperature measurement face recognition terminal

1. 8-inch   IPS full-view LCD display.

2.Industrial-class appearance,   waterproof and dustproof design   which is   stable and reliable .

3.Supports   20000   face   database. The 1: 1 comparison recognition rate is more than   99.7% , the 1: N comparison recognition rate is more than   96.7%@0.1%

misrecognition rate,   and the live detection accuracy rate is   98.3%@1%   misrejection rate. Face recognition pass speed is   less than 1 second .

4.Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while   wearing a mask .

5.Using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp.

6.Supports   human body temperature detection   and   temperature display . The best temperature detection distance is   0.5 meters .

The longest distance at which body temperature can be measured is   1 meter . The measurement error is plus or minus   0.5 ℃.

7.It only takes a few seconds for detection, and supports   automatic alarm   for body temperature abnormality.

8.Attendance temperature measurement data is   exported in real time.

9.Supports various peripheral expansions such as   ID card reader, fingerprint reader, IC card reader,QR code reader , etc.

10.The documentation is complete and supports secondary development.

11.Support   system level, APP offline level, APP + background network level multiple API docking .

A collection of features to meet your different needs

Tigerwong зогсоолын нүүр таних дулааны камер 6



Advantages of temperature measuring face terminal

1.Real living body detecting

2.Recognition speed around 0.5ms

3.Recognition rate very high,recogntion rate up to 99.7%

4.Supppot recognize whole world race.

5.Storage capacity max 2-50k/person

6.Support language change for software

7.SDK/API interface avaible

8.Standalone use or with operate software

9.Very good heat dissipation and system stability


Application scenarios

It can be used with application management systems such as face-based site real-name management system, face-based access control attendance management system and visitor management system, which is perfect for complex application scenarios that require temperature monitoring, identity recognition and access control, such as   communities, campuses, hospitals, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, public places and construction sites . In terms of epidemic prevention and control, it effectively reduces the potential risks of large-area contact with human body during temperature measurement, shortens the temperature measurement time and   improves the temperature measurement efficiency . At the same time, centralized management provides   real-time data   support for the screening and tracing of suspected patients and floating population, and provides a   strong safety guarantee   for the management under the above scenarios.

Company Features

· With years of rich experience in the manufacture of license plate camera, Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd has become a competitive manufacturer in the industry.

· Our company has a hardworking and can-do workforce. All of our employees are dedicated and highly skilled. They contribute to our high-quality production. We have employees that are well trained, educated and informed. They make fewer mistakes in production. And they are willing to share knowledge and suggest improvements from their field of expertise. We have a positive workforce. The members have a good command of the changes in the license plate camera industry. They allow the company to move forward and remain competitive.

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd always regards product R&D and technological innovation as the internal driving force. Inquire online!

Product Details

Our Face Recognition Thermal Camera has better quality performance by virtue of the following excellent details.

Application of the Product

Tigerwong Parking Technology's Face Recognition Thermal Camera is widely used in various scenes.

Tigerwong Parking Technology has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with other similar products in the market, Tigerwong Parking Technology's Face Recognition Thermal Camera is provided with the following outstanding advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

Our researchers, technicians and quality inspectors are the powerful guarantee for our continuous development.

Based on the needs of customers, we have built a comprehensive after-sales service system. And we establish a good corporate image through quality services, including information inquiry, technical guidance, product delivery, product replacement and so on.

In the business operation, we always focus on customers. Besides, we hold the enterprise spirit of 'sincerely treating others, assisting and cooperating mutually'. Relying on talents and technological advantages, our company creates value for customers from the perspective of customers and provide the best quality and service for the society.

After years' development since the establishment in Tigerwong Parking Technology has already had considerable economic strength and good social reputation, and the comprehensive strength has been greatly improved.

Tigerwong Parking Technology has opened up the international market based on diversified chain marketing. At present, the products share in the international market has rapidly increased.

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