Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 1
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Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 1
Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 2
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Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW

Vehicles and operators
Entry&Exit of vehicles
Traditional Parking:
Card/Ticket dispenser
Customer request
Software, LOGO,Design
Place of Origin
Model Number
Product Name
Ticket System Management Software for Parking

Main interface

Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 4



Set basic parameters, such as: report title, display screen content, camera IP, etc. Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 5



Administrator's authorization and records

Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 6



Entry and Exit surveillance is the main function of the system.

Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 7



Records of all transaction and picture captured of entry and exit of vehicles, card usage transaction and searching etc.

Consist of Vehicle Entry records, Vehicle Exit records, card usage transactions, car parking real time monitoring, operator shift changing schedule and shift transaction records etc.

Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 8



Multi type of report available base on the daily, monthly, yearly of entry and exit of the vehicles; daily, monthly and yearly fee collection report for every operator.

Parking Lot Barrier Gate TGW 9





Company Advantages

· Tigerwong Parking auto parking system is well-controlled in every detail of the production.

· The product is safe to use. Made of anti-corrosive and highly insulating materials, this product does not have the inadvertent contact danger.

· People can replace their old ones with this product, and they will be surprised at the result that the electricity bills go down significantly.

Company Features

· Shenzhen Tiger Wong Technology Co.,Ltd is an industry leader in China's Philippines production.

· Over the years, we have obtained a relatively substantial share of the market overseas. This mainly thanks to the increasing number of clients who have been cooperated with us for many years.

· Tigerwong Parking has been bearing the notion of ethics management in the mind. Please contact.

Application of the Product

Tigerwong Parking Technology's Parking Lot Barrier Gate can play an important role in various fields.

According to different needs of customers, we could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions for them.

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