With the Rise of National Brands of Parking Lots, China's Intelligent Parking Lots Have Stepped into

With the rapid development of computer control technology, Chinese urban buildings and public facilities are becoming more and more intelligent, and the management of parking lot has become intelligent and efficient. The current parking lot system is no longer a hardware product in the past, but a high-tech product with both software and hardware. Intelligence and networking are the general trend of development. The intelligent parking lot management system is mainly composed of entrance and exit control machine, entrance and exit automatic gate, entrance and exit monitoring and capture camera, video capture card or DVR, communication converter or network switch and management computer. It can implement comprehensive services such as access control, parking space guidance, parking charge, vehicle anti-theft monitoring and vehicle data recording for vehicles in parking lot and underground parking garage, It is very convenient and efficient. It is an important part of the security system of intelligent buildings. Many years ago, most of the parking lots we saw were people who recorded vehicle information and opened the brake to get in and out of the car. It was very troublesome. There is no concept of intelligent parking lot management technology, but with the introduction of foreign technology and the efforts of parking lot manufacturers, parking lot technology has developed rapidly. Intelligent parking lot management system products have been recognized by the market, and brand manufacturers have also been born. Taigewang technology is a new brand rising rapidly in recent years. So what is the technology of intelligent parking lot management system now? At present, the parking lot management system with the highest popularity is the intelligent IC card and image comparison and recognition. The information of vehicles is stored and recorded through the intelligent IC card. The parking lot management system software processes the IC data information to manage the entry and exit of vehicles and the charging of parking lot. It has many advantages, supports multiple modes of license plate number recognition function, effectively solves the problem of vehicle card lending and vehicle card forgetting, ensures the smooth passage of users, and enhances the automatic supervision measures for vehicle safety; Perfect one car one card function to prevent car following and card loss; Support fleet traffic control mode and one click operation to reduce the workload of toll management personnel. Inductive IC card recognition technology supports short-range and long-range. Long-distance parking lot systems, such as Bluetooth parking lot system and 2.4G long-distance parking lot system, can eliminate the card swiping function, and the vehicle automatic inductive recognition is more convenient and fast, which has been favored by many car owners. Previously, the construction of intelligent parking lot relied too much on the import of foreign products, after-sales technology, product upgrading and transformation, and the cost was also very high. However, through the efforts of domestic parking lot manufacturers over the years, brands with independent intellectual property rights and R & D capabilities have been born. Taigewang technology's taigewang cloud series parking lot products shine at the 2014 Beijing International Security Exhibition, and put forward the concepts of parking lot system, big data and cloud platform; During this period, many foreign friends came to consult and understand. China's intelligent parking lot has entered the golden age, and we believe that more national brands will emerge.

With the Rise of National Brands of Parking Lots, China's Intelligent Parking Lots Have Stepped into 1

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With the service concept of "customer satisfaction as the purpose" of the parking lot system, Huiting adheres to the "market demand-oriented. Carry forward China's sentry box industry! Since its establishment, with the vigorous development of economy and the rapid change of rural infrastructure, we want to be in line with the" service attitude of respecting contract, keeping promise and being rigorous and responsible " To obtain the trust and support of customers! The company adheres to the reputation, always pursues quality, pays attention to service, carefully wins the market, emphasizes professionalism, and leads the trend with wisdom! It can represent the image of a city. The traffic sentry box is a sentry box standing on all roads. The parking lot system is also convenient to manage the traffic order with the police. With the social development, the traffic sentry box has withdrawn from the historical stage, and the traffic sentry box The police changed to focus on dynamic patrol. However, with the change of rural traffic conditions, traffic congestion often occurs, and the traffic police need to be on duty all day at key intersections and key sections. Therefore, the traffic guard box can provide a * convenient, comfortable and fast stay position for the traffic police on duty, so as to deal with the situation in time, and can quickly move to the nearby area where traffic accidents occur Quick response. Wide range of applications: it is also applicable to the decoration and energy-saving transformation of existing buildings. The metal carved board can be widely used in municipal construction, apartment houses, office halls, villas, garden scenic spots, transformation of old buildings, guard posts and many other engineering fields. The building material is applicable to new brick concrete structures, frame structures, steel structures, light body houses and other types of buildings Interior and exterior decoration. Exterior wall thermal insulation and decoration integrated board is becoming the first choice for more and more wall thermal insulation and decoration building materials. It is widely used in highway toll station parking lot system and parking lot system to manage vehicle access. Road gate sentry box can also be seen everywhere. It is used to manage vehicle access. The materials of road gate sentry box are also diversified stainless steel, steel structure, metal carved board, anti-corrosion wood and plating Zinc plate... Among them, * RARE stainless steel gate sentry box and steel structure gate sentry box. The appearance is processed by special technology. The stainless steel gate sentry box is made of 304 stainless steel. It is made by Seiko and durable. It has unique types, a wide variety, beautiful and generous, stable and durable. The main frame of steel structure gate sentry box is made of galvanized square steel.
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