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Nowadays, more and more enterprises begin to build their own brands. Some enterprises entrust brand design companies to make efforts in brand design, some enterprises invest a lot of money in brand publicity, and some enterprises make a show to attract the attention of the public, but do you know the functions that a truly excellent brand must have? 1. With excellent qualification, a good enterprise brand must have the honor and qualification of the enterprise. A good brand obtains the honor recognized by the industry through strength, and does not spend money on advertising every day. Tigerwong is a domestic high-tech enterprise and the initiator of parking alliance. It has been established for many years and has been recognized as a national double soft enterprise. Members of China smart city construction investment alliance, China Cloud parking industry alliance, Shenzhen Smart City Research Association, Shenzhen Intelligent Transportation Industry Association and Shenzhen Security Industry Association. 2. Having high-quality products is the foundation of the brand, and the brand is the foundation of the product. The product is like the body, and the brand is like the soul. The body without the soul is a walking corpse. On the contrary, the soul without the body can not rely on. If you want to build an excellent brand, having excellent product quality is the premise. If we rely too much on advertising, promotion and other means, without good products as support, we will not be able to have long-term loyal customers and good reputation, and brand construction is impossible. Tigerwong has focused on parking for 15 years, and the team level is the first in the industry. It is an independent professional team from production, R & D, system UI to communication and international foreign trade. Show the detailed information of physical products, parameters and specifications, and clearly understand the products. 3. With a large number of high loyalty customers, consumer loyalty is the most desired for every brand, but it is also the most difficult to get, and behind every excellent brand, there are a large number of loyal customers. Tigerwong serves more than 1000 new era brands at home and abroad, such as Hong Kong Metro Airport Express, Jindi property, Caisheng property, greenbelt mall business center in the Philippines, ABC hospital in Mexico, Kenya International Airport, okomnahnn Convention and Exhibition Center in Russia, siamparagon, the largest shopping center in Thailand. The car parking management system developed by Tiger Wong has superior brand performance, favorable price and professional technology, creating excellent products! Create an intelligent parking management system to make life more convenient and satisfy car owners and managers!

What Conditions Must a Good Parking System Brand Have - Tigerwong Technology 1

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