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With more and more private cars, the existing urban parking lot and management system can not solve the increasingly serious problem of road congestion. Planning parking spaces on some roads in the city is an effective means to alleviate traffic problems, but it also brings management difficulties. The emergence of intelligent car parking management system has brought good news to the majority of riders, but many riders still don't know where intelligence is reflected? Next, let's take a look with tiger Wong Xiaobian. The parking lot not only provides a parking place, but also makes the parking lot more intelligent and humanized by introducing modern technology and modern management concept. I. the parking lot is networked to share data. Tigerwong parking cloud platform breaks the information island and builds an intelligent parking management system Internet of things platform to realize the functions of parking guidance, parking space reservation, electronic self-service payment, fast access and so on. II. Parking guidance, parking space guidance and reverse car search system currently under construction is becoming larger and larger, with more than thousands of parking spaces. If such a large parking lot is dredged by personnel without guidance and car search system, it will be a disaster for managers and customers. III. unmanned service due to the rapid rise of labor costs in China, the past method of managing parking lots by people sea tactics is becoming more and more ineffective. Referring to the development experience of foreign countries, the degree of automation of parking lots will be higher and higher, and the management personnel will be gradually reduced until the realization of unmanned service. IV. mobile phones realize the automatic positioning functions of parking space reservation, payment and car search. Smart phones and mobile Internet have been popularized rapidly in the past two years. Mobile Internet users have exceeded fixed Internet users, and the use of mobile phones to order meals and make friends has been popularized. Therefore, these applications in parking lots will be popularized rapidly. V. the increase of three-dimensional garages. China has a large urban population, high density and high land cost. Referring to foreign experience, three-dimensional garages have the advantages of less land occupation, high utilization rate and convenient access, and will develop rapidly. Vi. parking lot self-service payment depends on the self-service payment system, which can identify the vehicles in and out through the license plate. The owner can swipe the credit card or pay in cash. The whole process is efficient, fast and saves labor cost. Similar self-service payment systems have been widely used in large and small parking lots all over the United States. The operation of intelligent parking lot is inseparable from the network. If the parking lot wants to operate online, it needs the popularization of advanced intelligent management, guidance and reverse car search system. At the same time, the civilized quality of drivers should be gradually improved. Otherwise, even if the modern system is reproduced, it can not be operated without people. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

What Are the Main Aspects of Intelligent Parking Lot Management System- TigerWong Technology 1

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