Using Parking Space Guidance Parking Lot System to Solve the Problem of Finding Parking Space in Lar

With the increase of vehicles, the problem of difficult parking has appeared in all cities. Although the government departments have made relevant policies on the problem of difficult parking, in order to fundamentally solve the problem of difficult parking, it needs to be solved with the help of current advanced technology and intelligent equipment. At present, the problem of parking lot access has been solved in many parking lots, but when people enter the parking lot to find the remaining parking space, it has become a parking problem. As a subsystem of the parking lot system, parking space guidance can fundamentally solve the problem of people looking for parking space in the parking lot. Now, although there is a large gap between the supply and demand of parking spaces, and the difficulty of parking has always affected people's life, the rational use of various subsystems in the parking lot management system (license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment, etc.) can alleviate people's parking problems to a great extent. As a subsystem of the parking lot system, parking space guidance can timely display the number of remaining parking spaces and the location of remaining parking spaces in the parking lot. At present, it has been applied in some large parking places. After people drive into the parking lot, they can quickly find the location of parking spaces through the parking space guidance indicator light in the parking lot, It saves people's parking time. However, due to the insufficient promotion of the parking lot system, many people do not understand some functions of the current intelligent parking lot management system and can not manage the parking lot well, which aggravates the problem of parking difficulty. At present, the cloud parking lot developed by taigewang can uniformly manage parking lots not in the same area, breaking through regional restrictions and realizing group management.

Using Parking Space Guidance Parking Lot System to Solve the Problem of Finding Parking Space in Lar 1

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