The Landing of Smart Parking System Makes It so Easy for People to Park_ Taigewang Technology

People living in big cities know that urban life not only brings convenience to people, but also brings some troubles to people. Big cities are very prosperous and have developed transportation; On the other hand, parking has become a big problem. In order to create a good parking environment for people, people put forward the concept of intelligent parking. What parking functions will be accompanied by the landing of intelligent parking system? Speaking of smart parking lot system, I have to mention license plate recognition. It is used more and more in parking lots. It uses the automatic pattern recognition technology of collecting vehicle dynamic video or static images for license plate number and vehicle color. A complete license plate recognition system consists of vehicle detection, image acquisition, license plate recognition and so on. Because its use in the parking lot can realize unattended, it can independently complete the embedded intelligent vehicle access management system integrating video acquisition, vehicle detection, license plate recognition, voice broadcasting, recognition result analysis, automatic alarm and remote monitoring management. In addition, one function that is most easily ignored by some large parking places is the parking guidance system. Finding a parking space may be the most troublesome thing for many people. Many car owners often take several rounds in the parking lot in order to find a parking space, and the parking guidance system can intuitively display the location of spare parking spaces in the parking lot, Through the information release system, the berth information is provided to the owner in time, so that he can park at the nearest location and save some unnecessary parking time. The traditional single function parking lot system has been gradually replaced, and non innovation will be eliminated sooner or later. With the landing of smart city, unattended parking lot is coming towards us. Some intelligent functions (license plate recognition, parking guidance, etc.) are becoming more and more mature with the application and development of software. Unattended parking lot will become one of the development trends in the future.

The Landing of Smart Parking System Makes It so Easy for People to Park_ Taigewang Technology 1

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