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In today's rapid development, people are more concerned about the convenient way of life, whether it is work, life or leisure time. The development of technology makes people feel the ubiquitous intelligence, especially the development of security industry, and makes people really feel that the intelligent society has come. The most obvious is the parking lot. Now the rapid increase of vehicles makes the parking problem particularly prominent, and the emergence of intelligent parking lot system solves this situation. Some people may say that the parking lot industry has developed for more than ten years. It seems a bit old-fashioned to discuss intelligence. However, the current parking lot system is not just a single device before. It needs to carry the functions of data collection, upload and analysis of some information. Therefore, the intelligent parking lot system must be combined with HD, cloud technology, big data, Internet and other technologies to form a complete intelligent parking lot application system. The parking lot system equipment has experienced the development of networking and HD, and is currently transforming to intelligence and big data. Therefore, whether from users or parking lot managers, intelligent parking lot system plays an important role in their lives. With the installed parking system, the parking lot has gradually become intelligent. With the emergence of license plate recognition, parking space guidance, reverse car search, self-service payment and other functions, people can park in just a few minutes; For parking lot managers, if they want to query and count the income of the parking lot, they only need to download the data report according to the time in the management center, which is simple and convenient. Bid farewell to the era of manual management and let the intelligent parking lot management system into people's life, which is the goal of the parking lot system manufacturer, and will also have a far-reaching impact on the technical trend of the industry in the future.

The Intellectualization of Parking Lot Has Come with the Installation of Parking Lot System_ Taigewa 1

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