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Through wechat public platform, we can provide you with the latest intelligent parking industry information, such as industry trends, products and solutions. You can also feed back to us through wechat platform, so that we can timely obtain your valuable suggestions, continuously improve products and improve service quality. Taigewang will walk with you. Well, the above is just polite. Wechat platform can't just play like this. In fact, we have planned the application of wechat platform for a long time. After countless brainstorming and negating countless marketing strategies, we finally clarified our ideas and determined the direction! See how we play wechat in 2014 and blow a wechat storm in the intelligent parking industry! Different from the previous wechat promotion methods, you will have different ideas and views after reading it. However, this is our secret. Of course, it will not be published here. If you want to know us, please pay attention to us first. Now pick up your mobile phone and scan the QR code below to follow us (mobile phone users can click here to follow). In addition, you can enter wechat and click & gt & gt; & gt; Add friends & gt & gt; & gt; Search for official account. Search for technology. Search for attention. Welcome to discuss and develop together.

Taigewang Technology Wechat Public Platform Is Online_ Taigewang Technology 1

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