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With the continuous growth of automobiles, the planning, construction and management of transportation facilities such as expressways and urban roads have become an important part of urban management. Among them, parking management has increasingly revealed its important link to urban traffic management. How to solve the growing parking demand and the rational utilization of social resources has become an urgent problem to be solved, The emergence and rise of urban parking guidance system has gradually weakened the traffic pressure of the city. In order to promote the efficient operation of the parking lot, the effective utilization of the parking space, improve the surrounding road traffic, and further facilitate the parking of the owner and the management of the management party, many parking lot system manufacturers can provide the owner with timely information such as the location of the parking lot, the use status of the parking space, the route and the road traffic status through a variety of terminals in a certain area, Intelligent parking guidance system is the product of guiding drivers to find parking lots or parking spaces most effectively. The intelligent parking guidance system is generally divided into three parts: first, the regional guidance system.

Parking Guidance System Further Develops Intelligent Parking to Unmanned Management - Tigerwong Tech 1

The regional guidance system forms an information sharing networking mode by forming multiple parking lots within a certain area, and sets up a variety of information display terminals beside the main roads in the city to provide owners with the location, number of vehicles, empty and full status and other information of the surrounding parking lots, A parking guidance system that promotes the vehicle to quickly select the optimal parking scheme. Before the vehicle goes out, it can query the parking space information of the parking lot near the destination through terminals such as mobile phone or computer to select the best driving path; When the vehicle is driving on the road, the owner can quickly understand the parking space information of the nearby parking lot through the primary and secondary guidance screens. At the same time, the guidance screen can also guide the vehicle to the destination parking lot. II. Parking space guidance system parking space guidance system is an important part of the parking guidance system, which can correctly guide the parking of vehicles in the parking lot through intelligent equipment and promote vehicles to find empty parking spaces conveniently and quickly. The basic components of the system are: Parking detector, parking indicator, parking guide screen, acquisition terminal, server, etc. According to the current technical level, ultrasonic parking space guidance system and video parking space guidance system are mostly used for parking space detectors. 1. Ultrasonic parking space guidance system: the ultrasonic detector is installed above the parking space, and the characteristics of ultrasonic reflection are used to detect whether there is a parking space below the parking space, so as to guide the vehicle through the system. 2. Video parking space guidance system: the camera is installed above the parking space, and the video is used to analyze whether there is a parking space below the parking space, so as to guide the vehicle through the system.

The principle of the parking space guidance system is to detect the vehicle through the parking space detector, locate the occupation information of the parking space to a specific parking space, release the remaining parking space information of the parking lot in real time, display the occupation information of a single parking space, and cooperate with the direction indication to guide the vehicle to stop quickly. III. reverse car search system reverse car search system is one of the guidance systems gradually developed in recent years. It is a guidance system to promote car owners to find cars quickly through the processing, collection and sharing of vehicle parking information. It is mainly used in large parking lots. The system detects the vehicle through the video parking space detector, and the video is transmitted to the identification terminal through the switch.

After identifying the license plate, parking space and other information, it is transmitted to the data server through Ethernet, and finally shared with each query terminal, The owner only needs to input the license plate number or other relevant information on the query terminal to obtain the best car search scheme and quickly find the car. However, a comfortable parking experience is not only to find a parking space and a car, but also a convenient, humanized, intelligent, self-help and interactive process experience. Therefore, the parking guidance system is not only to complete the function of parking space guidance and reverse car search, but also to optimize the parking and pick-up process and improve the user experience. With the process of domestic urbanization, intelligent community and even intelligent city are slowly changing from a concept to a fact. The parking lot system will be information-based and intelligent, and the parking space guidance system of intelligent parking lot will also become the standard configuration of large parking lots.

In the future, unmanned management will no longer be a dream. Tigerwong parking equipment supplier has focused on parking equipment for many years! If you have any questions about the parking system, welcome to consult and communicate.

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