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In recent years, the domestic access control industry has developed rapidly, which is very different from the past in terms of market scale and the application of new technologies. In these changes, some people think that the transmission mode of access control system is the biggest breakthrough. Although it may not be completely correct, it still has a certain reason. The traditional access control system mainly adopts RS-485 bus, Wigan traditional protocol and other communication modes. With the upgrading and development of technology, there are many transmission modes applied to the access control system, such as Wigan, RS-485, TCP / IP, etc. These transmission modes are combined to form the access control system. For example, the link between the card reader and the controller uses the Wigan protocol, the lower controller is connected with the main controller through RS-485, and the link with the control center can be connected through TCP / IP network. In addition to these wired network connections, there are also wireless network connections, forming a solution integrating a variety of communication technologies to meet the needs of different scenarios and different customers. At present, the combination architecture of RS-485 TCP / IP is mainly used in large-scale access control system. RS-485 is used for the connection between local devices in a small range, such as card reader and controller, to make up for the security problem of Wigan protocol. However, due to the limited output distance of RS-485, if you want to remotely manage and control the access control system, you also need to transmit through TCP / IP connection. This is the dual network architecture of RS-485 TCP / IP, which meets the requirements of cross regional access control management of enterprises. It can be said that with the development of network technology and Internet, TCP / IP will be the common transmission mode of access control system.

On the Change of Transmission Mode of Access Control System_ Taigewang Technology 1

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