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This year, urban areas across the country continue to promote the planning, construction and management of parking lots. At the same time, parking lot management is regarded as the top priority in 2015. Standardizing parking lot management and promoting the use of intelligent parking lot management system are the focus of parking lot improvement. At present, all urban areas have formulated solutions for the management of parking lots, and the parking fees should be strictly managed to avoid the phenomenon of arbitrary parking fees. The problem of arbitrary charging in parking lots has always been the biggest headache for car owners. Many parking lots do not have a standard for parking charges. In addition, some parking lot administrators use their own positions to collect arbitrary charges for vehicles entering the parking lot. Some car owners communicate privately with the parking lot administrators, saying that they can reduce the parking fee without invoices, Even some car owners and parking lot managers know that they can pay less or no parking fees, which eventually leads to the serious problem of arbitrary charging in the current parking lot. In the past two years, because the parking lot charging system has been widely applied to the parking lot, people's parking payment is no longer participated by the parking lot administrator. The parking lot charging system can directly calculate the parking time and payment amount of the owner. After payment, the system will automatically print the payment ticket, and the whole payment process has fully realized automatic management. Now, with the increase of vehicles, there will be vehicles waiting in line at the gate of most parking lots, and some will line up for a long time on the roadside, which not only delays the owner's parking time, but also affects the passage of roadside vehicles. With the popularization and application of license plate recognition parking lot system, it effectively alleviates the phenomenon that car owners queue up to enter the parking lot, especially for the management of some fixed vehicles, the license plate recognition parking lot system can completely realize unmanned management. Actively promote the application of intelligent parking technology and further improve the management level of the parking lot. The license plate recognition parking lot system can save the time to enter the parking lot and improve the parking efficiency of car owners. The parking lot adopts an intelligent parking lot management system, which alleviates the problem of difficult parking and arbitrary charging.

License Plate Recognition Parking Lot System Makes Car Owners Park More Time-saving_ Taigewang Techn 1

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The status of the license plate recognition system in a parking lot
At present, the license plate recognition system has become the core product of the parking lot system. It quickly occupies the whole market through elegant appearance, powerful function, efficient traffic rate, and unmanned management mode. It is a parking lot equipment that can adapt to various complex environments and is easy to install. The status of the license plate recognition system in a parking lot can not be underestimated. It can automatically identify all kinds of vehicle information entering and leaving the site. It can read the vehicle information in just a few milliseconds. It is very fast, and there is no need to pick up and swipe the card. It greatly reduces the vehicle entry and exit time greatly improves the vehicle traffic rate, overcomes the insecurity of vehicle parking caused by card information replication, and improves the image of the parking lot, Creating a good parking environment for users is an essential set of equipment in parking lot management. The license plate recognition system intelligently identifies each vehicle entering and leaving the site, including fixed vehicles and temporary vehicles in the site. Because the license plate recognition system adopts a high-definition intelligent recognition camera, it can not only clearly identify the license plate number of the vehicle but also capture a series of information of approaching vehicles such as vehicle model and body color, which greatly improves the safety index of the surrounding parking environment. In addition, many people don't know enough about the license plate recognition system and don't know how to operate the management of unlicensed vehicles in the parking lot. In fact, under the current technological development, unlicensed vehicles can enter and exit the parking lot by scanning the code. It also includes a more intelligent function WeChat lock car, which further ensures the parking safety of vehicles. Wechat code scanning lock cars entering the parking lot, The vehicle can leave the site safely only after unlocking and scanning the code when leaving the site. Effectively ensuring the parking safety of each incoming and outgoing vehicle is a basic responsibility of the parking lot manager.   
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