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The ground induction coil is the most basic device of the parking lot system. Together with the vehicle detector, it is used to detect whether there are vehicles in the induction lane. In addition, it also plays a triggering role. If the ground induction coil is installed incorrectly, it will affect the accuracy of detection, and then affect the use of the whole parking lot system. Therefore, the installation of ground induction coil should attract our attention and should not be careless. The ground induction coil has certain requirements for the installation environment. We should pay attention to the following points during installation: 1. There should be no large amount of metal within 50 cm around, such as well cover, rainwater ditch cover, etc. 2. There shall be no more than 220V power supply lines within 1m around. 3. When making multiple coils, the distance between coils shall be greater than 2m, otherwise they will interfere with each other. In addition to paying attention to the installation environment, pay attention to the following points in the cutting of trunking: 1. The size of ground induction coil in the parking lot is generally about 0.8m wide and 2m long. 2. The depth of the slot is 3-5cm, the width of the coil slot is 0.5cm, and the width of the coil lead slot is 1cm. The depth and width should be uniform, and the situation of sudden depth, shallow, width and narrow should be avoided as far as possible. 3. There shall be no sundries, especially hard objects, in the cut groove. 4. The lead slot of the ground induction coil shall be cut to the range of the safety island to avoid the lead exposed on the road. Do these two steps well, and then we can wiring. There are many places to pay attention to wiring, which we will explain to you next time.

Installation Requirements for Ground Induction Coil of Intelligent Parking Lot System - Tigerwong 1

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