If License Plate Recognition Is Added to the Parking Lot System, Will Card Swiping Or Manual Mode Be

Today, with the rapid development of society, many high technologies have been applied to daily life. In some entrance and exit equipment in previous years, the card collection and parking lot management system is quite popular. With the application of license plate recognition technology, some parking properties have gradually replaced the card swiping mode, and license plate recognition technology has been applied to parking lot management, Will card swiping parking equipment be eliminated while giving convenience to owners and management? The traditional card swiping parking lot system adopts the entrance, and the owner can get in and out of the parking lot through the ticket box. Through a card information, the parking lot managers can only simply understand the owner's entry time and exit time, but they know nothing about the owner's vehicle information, which leads to the phenomenon of vehicle loss in the parking lot and brings great economic losses to the parking lot. Moreover, the loss of cards seems to be a common occurrence. Property developers, engineers and manufacturers are constantly after-sales maintenance for this kind of thing. In particular, property managers need to keep registering, canceling and changing cards, which delays a lot of manpower and capital costs. The license plate recognition equipment is installed at the entrance and exit to record the license plate number and access time of the vehicle, and is combined with the control equipment of automatic door and railing machine to realize the automatic management of the vehicle. It can automatically calculate the number of available parking spaces and give tips, so as to realize the automatic management of parking charges, save manpower and improve efficiency. It can also automatically determine whether the incoming vehicles belong to the community, and realize automatic time charging for Non internal vehicles. In some units, this application can also be combined with the vehicle dispatching system to automatically and objectively record the departure of their vehicles. The license plate recognition technology is adopted to achieve no parking and no card collection, and effectively improve the vehicle access efficiency. In the past few years, the market share of card swiping parking lot equipment has peaked and become the mainstream equipment in the field of import and export. Now, the license plate recognition technology is developing rapidly. In the future, with people's consideration of human cost, the combination of manual management and equipment management will be replaced by self-service visitor terminals step by step to truly realize unmanned and efficient management.

If License Plate Recognition Is Added to the Parking Lot System, Will Card Swiping Or Manual Mode Be 1

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