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With the improvement of people's living standards, private cars have generally penetrated into every ordinary family. At the same time, many urban parking lots show prominent disadvantages, such as low management level, relatively backward construction facilities, unreasonable planning and so on. So how to improve the intelligent level of vehicle management, improve the service quality of intelligent parking, and become the primary consideration for the growth of intelligent transportation? The solution is more difficult than the solution. The smart cloud parking service platform uses the Internet of things and cloud computing technology to seek to break the current situation of information island of intelligent system in a single parking lot, and realize powerful and advanced functions such as ubiquitous parking space reservation, parking navigation, online payment and wrong time parking. However, it improves the parking service quality and intelligent management level, And become a right-hand assistant to alleviate the difficulty of parking. Pain points of traditional parking management mode: equipment procurement costs more and construction and installation costs more; There are many management personnel and more on-the-job operation training; many parking cards are lost, and there are many favors for free release; There are many disputes between one card and two cars, and there is much waste of special parking spaces; it is troublesome to pick up cards at the entrance, and there are many congestion charges at the exit; There are many questions about car owners' payment, and there are many loopholes in cash loss; many computer games are installed and frequently maintained; There are many parts for routine maintenance, and the supply of parts is too greasy; scattered suppliers, many manufacturers and many after-sales service problems; The group has many isolated islands of property and many operation and management costs; Countermeasures for cloud parking Internet of things mode: less equipment procurement and construction and installation costs; Fewer management personnel and less on-the-job operation training; license plate recognition is good, and fast passage is indispensable; The design of parking pool is ingenious, and the grouping of vehicles is wonderful; All self help payments are applauded. WeChat flashes Alipay. There are few loopholes in export charges and few traffic jams in central charges; the system runs without a computer, and the maintenance times are few; Routine fault telemedicine, less parts maintenance and replacement; the management of the group is convenient, and the parking service will be connected online; Big data, value-added services make money; The biggest feature of cloud parking lot is that it ends the previous scattered traffic conditions and the situation that the real-time data of vehicles is an information island. It uses the information internet of things communication technology to collect the latest dynamic and static information of road traffic, and makes real-time analysis with the Internet of things to promote the management of traffic information internet of things, and arranges the driving route of vehicles according to the analysis results, Arrival time, appropriate parking location, and use limited capacity to make full use of limited traffic resources. The cloud parking system breaks through the regional restrictions, realizes all-round remote management within a certain range, and improves the intelligent level of vehicle management. Tigerwong has focused on parking for 15 years, and the team level is the first in the industry. If you want to know more, please call or pay attention to tigerwong's official website, and enjoy more wonderful industry news and parking schemes!!!

How Can Zhihuiyun Parking Improve the Vehicle Management Level of Intelligent Transportation- TigerW 1

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