How About the IC Card Door Ban System in the Intelligent Community- TigerWong

IC card access control system is widely used in various intelligent communities and has become a part of modern intelligent life. IC card access control system adopts advanced technologies such as computer technology, communication technology, RF technology and precision manufacturing technology. Compared with traditional access control, it not only has high security, reliability and convenient use, but also has the functions of one card multi lock, one lock multi card, one card multi-purpose, card swiping record, illegal card operation alarm, loss reissue and so on. The figure shows that the icaccess control system of tigerwong technology access card reader community adopts the networked working mode. Through the networking mode, real-time monitoring of each door can be realized. If TCP / IP communication mode is adopted, it can be networked for remote monitoring. If it is a local area network, RS-485 communication mode can meet the general requirements of the cell. The whole system is generally composed of management computer, card issuing machine, controller, card reader, electromagnetic lock, printer, switch and wiring system. The computer is mainly used to install management software and link the access controller. The card issuing machine is connected with the computer through serial port to realize card issuing. The printer is used to print statistical reports. The access controller controls the electromagnetic lock to open and close the door. Community icaccess control system improves the automation level of community property management, makes the management more scientific, facilitates the life of community owners, realizes the intellectualization of the community and improves the grade. The above describes the functions of the community IC card property management system. The community using this property management system will greatly improve the automation level of community management, bring more convenience to users, improve the grade of the community, enhance the competitiveness of the community, and make it in an invincible position in the increasingly competitive market, It can be said that IC card access control system affects people's lifestyle.

How About the IC Card Door Ban System in the Intelligent Community- TigerWong 1

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