Etc Parking Charging Mode Is Becoming More and More Popular_ Taigewang Technology

After years of development, etc's convenience and security are self-evident. Its emergence has made outstanding contributions to road traffic all over China and completely changed the operation mode of toll roads in different provinces. Entering a new era of national network, it also provides typical examples of technological innovation and service innovation for the transportation industry. The first step that ETC took in the Internet plus era is to allow cars to be passed across the country without parking. In the past five years, with the development of ETC system construction, networking and wide popularization, etc has become a trend from Expressway to city. Etc parking will not only become a powerful tool for intelligent upgrading of property parking management, but also become a powerful helper for banks to set up payment. As an R & D and generation enterprise of etc automatic parking system, taigewang technology, relying on its good technology and market position in etc industry, is vigorously expanding a variety of application scenarios of etc in cities to provide intelligent The unmanned parking management tool creates a high-frequency and just needed inclusive financial service scenario for banks, brings convenient, safe and inclusive parking experience to vehicle users, and creates a more intimate and convenient static traffic scenario for smart cities.

Etc Parking Charging Mode Is Becoming More and More Popular_ Taigewang Technology 1

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For Owners, License Plate Recognition Is the Benefit of Parking Lot Management System_ Taigewang Tec
With the improvement of people's living standards, intelligent equipment has been widely used in our life. Of course, for parking lots, convenient parking is their ultimate goal. License plate recognition parking lot management system is considered to be the most convenient equipment for parking. What benefits does it have for car owners? The license plate recognition parking lot system takes the license plate in and out of the parking lot as the only certificate. Whether it is a temporary vehicle or a fixed vehicle, as long as the license plate number can be recognized at the entrance, the vehicle can enter the parking lot, eliminating the cumbersome process of card issuance and card collection. The license plate recognition parking lot system can automatically recognize the license plate number entering the parking lot, Taigewang Expressway gate can automatically lift the pole in 1 second, so that people can pass quickly without stopping. The management mode of license plate recognition parking lot system is different from that of traditional parking lot. It eliminates the work of card management. As a part of parking lot management, the card needs to be continuously issued and authorized by the parking lot management personnel. At the same time, it needs to constantly check the use of the card in the ticket box, constantly supplement the card in the ticket box, and deal with the loss of temporary card, It is quite cumbersome for parking lot managers. For the intelligent license plate recognition parking lot system, it eliminates the work of card management of parking lot managers, which is labor-saving, time-saving, convenient and fast; And license plate recognition also saves the trouble of carrying cards for car owners. In addition, for the card swiping parking lot system, the card will be copied or damaged, which can not ensure the safety of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, and reduce the income of the parking lot; The license plate recognition parking lot system is different. It can capture pictures of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. At the same time, the system will automatically save parking records to ensure the parking safety of vehicles.
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