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What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Purchase of Intelligent Gate in Parking Lot System_ Taigewan

The barrier is the most common supporting product in the parking lot system. With the increase of the number of cars, the demand for the barrier becomes larger and larger, and its performance requirements are higher and higher, such as a series of functional requirements such as the anti smashing car of the barrier, the movement performance of the barrier, the requirements of the service environment, the take-off and landing speed of the barrier rod, so when purchasing the parking lot system, The gate is the primary consideration. As the most important part of the parking lot system, the gate must be considered from the above factors when purchasing. In the past two years, road gate smashing incidents are common. Therefore, taigewang has developed an anti smashing Lane gate according to this phenomenon. According to the customer's requirements and on-site use, different anti smashing Lane gates can be equipped respectively, such as different induction modes such as ground induction coil, pressure wave or infrared radiation to avoid the anti smashing performance of the lane gate. First of all, the most important part of the gate is the movement. The movement with good quality can not only prolong the service life of the gate, but also prolong the service life of the parking lot system. Secondly, the service environment of the gate is also one of the important factors to be considered in the purchase of the gate, including service temperature, waterproof performance, etc. because some gates will have a certain impact on the gate when the temperature is low or high, it is necessary to install a temperature compensation instrument on the gate in a high or low environment to reduce or increase the temperature in time, Ensure the normal use of the gate. Finally, for the selection of the lifting speed of the gate, the gate with different take-off and landing speeds can be installed according to different application occasions. In general highway toll stations or some parking lot systems that enter and leave through license plate recognition, some express gates need to be installed, and the take-off and landing time is generally 1 1.5 seconds; For some areas, schools, factories, commercial squares, parking lots and other places, 3-second or 6-second road gates can be installed according to the road width of the entrance and exit and the length of the gate. The specific can be customized according to the site conditions. As an important part of the parking lot management system, the correct selection of the appropriate parking lot gate can not only solve the anti smashing performance of the gate, but also prolong the service life of the parking lot system and increase the income of the parking lot.

What Should Be Paid Attention to in the Purchase of Intelligent Gate in Parking Lot System_ Taigewan 1

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