TGW គឺ ជា ការ រចនា និង ដំណោះស្រាយ សម្រាប់ ប្រព័ន្ធ ការ គ្រប់គ្រង សារ 

Intelligent License Plate Recognition System Reduces the Management Pressure of Parking Lot in Large

The intelligent parking lot license plate recognition system is applied to large commercial centers. These places have a large flow of people, and the parking lot is basically difficult to find. However, thanks to the application of intelligent license plate recognition system, vehicles are parked neatly and orderly, and the parking time is timed by relying on the recognition equipment on the parking space. Moreover, there is a self-service payment terminal in the intelligent parking lot. The owner can query the relevant information by entering the parking space number on the self-service payment terminal. There are parking time, charging standard, payable amount and other information on it, which can be paid according to the information. In the past, parking guides were set up in the parking lot of the commercial center, mainly to assist the car owners in parking and paying fees. After the intelligent license plate recognition system is put into use, it can automatically guide the whole process according to the parking space guidance subsystem, and there are no more or only a small number of parking guidance personnel. In addition, the system charges accurately and effectively eliminates the disadvantages of manual charging. After the intelligent parking lot license plate recognition system is put into use, it will be further spread in the parking lot. In fact, the contradiction between parking supply and demand in many cities is not as prominent as that in big cities such as beishangguang. People think it is difficult to park in the central business district, which is mainly caused by information asymmetry, and the owners are unable to obtain the berth information in time. In the future, with the development of intelligent parking lot, urban parking cloud platform can realize the unified scheduling and management of parking information and resources. At that time, the owner can be informed where there are free parking spaces in time to improve the use efficiency of parking resources. In addition, the system can also pay online by WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay and so on. For those uncivilized parking behavior, such as evading parking fees, they will be included in the parking blacklist. Reputable car owners will be rewarded through electronic parking tickets and other forms.

Intelligent License Plate Recognition System Reduces the Management Pressure of Parking Lot in Large 1

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