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With the improvement of people's living standards, many ordinary families also have cars. However, many urban parking lots show prominent disadvantages, such as low management level, relatively backward construction facilities, unreasonable planning and so on. So how to improve the intelligent level of vehicle management, improve the service quality of intelligent parking, and become the primary consideration for the growth of intelligent transportation? Zhihuiyun parking service platform uses Internet of things and cloud computing technology to seek to break the current situation of information island of intelligent system in a single parking lot and realize powerful and advanced functions such as ubiquitous parking space reservation, parking navigation, online payment and wrong time parking. However, it improves the parking service quality and intelligent management level, and becomes a powerful assistant to alleviate parking difficulties. There are many pain points in the traditional parking management mode: expensive construction and installation costs, many management personnel, difficult operation, chest? The card is often lost, there are many free people, waste of special parking spaces, troublesome access and card collection, frequent congestion of export charges, easy loss of cash, many maintenance times, many repair parts, many greasy parts supply, many scattered suppliers There are many after-sales service problems, many isolated islands of the group's property, and many operation and management costs. The cloud parking Internet of things model has many advantages: less money for equipment procurement, less construction and installation costs, fewer management personnel, less on-the-job operation training, good license plate recognition, fast traffic is indispensable, smart parking pool design, wonderful vehicle grouping traffic, and self-service payment WeChat flashes Alipay, has less export charges, less central traffic congestion, no computer running, maintenance time is less, conventional fault remote treatment, accessories repair and replacement less, group management more convenient, parking service will be network, intelligent community big data, value-added services to make money. The biggest function of cloud parking lot is to solve the scattered traffic conditions and the situation that the real-time data of vehicles cannot be transmitted in time. The cloud parking system breaks through the regional restrictions, realizes all-round remote management within a certain range, and improves the intelligent level of vehicle management.

Zhihuiyun Parking Helps Parking Lot Vehicle Management_ Taigewang Technology 1

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