Why Can't the Recognition Rate of License Plate Recognition and Parking Lot Management System Reach

At present, most parking lots still enter and exit the parking lot by swiping their cards. Both temporary vehicles and fixed vehicles need to swipe their cards when entering and leaving the parking lot, which greatly reduces people's parking efficiency. Since the license plate recognition technology is applied to the parking lot system, people's parking has become so convenient. With the development of technology, the function of parking lot management system has become so powerful that people have experienced the progress of technology. We know that the parking lot management system is so popular now. The main reason is that its intelligent function makes people experience the convenience of parking. However, many people encounter many bottlenecks in selecting manufacturers because they do not understand the license plate recognition parking lot system. I don't know how to choose? For such a popular license plate recognition parking lot system, people are most worried about the recognition rate, which is also a common problem faced by all license plate recognition parking lot system manufacturers. However, for users, they do not understand the specific reasons affecting the recognition rate, but blindly ask manufacturers to improve the recognition rate of their license plate recognition parking lot system, First of all, the problem affecting the recognition rate of the license plate recognition parking lot system does not lie in the equipment manufacturer, because the license plate recognition system cannot judge the of unlicensed vehicles at present. For a dark horse in the industry, taigewang technology, we believe that we can solve the recognition of unlicensed vehicles in the near future, so the license plate recognition rate can reach a higher level.

Why Can't the Recognition Rate of License Plate Recognition and Parking Lot Management System Reach  1

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