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Looking at the historical development of the parking lot system in recent 20 years, it is not difficult to find that the parking lot system has become more and more beautiful and intelligent in appearance and function. In today's service-oriented society, only by being more intelligent and convenient can we seize the market. The traditional parking lot system is mainly aimed at the vehicle control in and out of the parking lot, but the convenient and fast service for vehicles in and out of the parking lot is particularly poor, the access time is long, the parking space is difficult to find and so on. Now, with the development of technology, intelligent parking lot system has opened a new parking era. The license plate recognition system effectively improves the problems of the traditional parking lot system, and is the preferred system for operators. Let's look at the advantages of license plate recognition system? Since it is recognized as a more convenient way for car owners and operators, the license plate recognition parking lot system should have its own advantages. At present, the license plate recognition parking system has the advantages of high recognition rate, fast traffic speed, convenient parking space search and so on. In the use of the parking lot system, the high-definition camera is directly used for license plate recognition, the high-definition camera is used to obtain the license plate number, the road gate is opened automatically, and the vehicles enter the site; After entering the site, the parking space guidance display screen clearly displays the parking space position and directly guides the parking space to park; When leaving the site, the parking lot charging system will automatically voice broadcast the parking time and payable amount of the owner. Just pay according to the voice broadcast of the parking lot charging system, and automatically print the payment list at the same time, so that the owner can clearly know the parking charge. At present, in the parking lot system, the fastest time for the lifting and landing lever of the expressway gate is controlled at 1s, which greatly reduces the time for car owners to enter and leave the site. With the development of the city and the increase of the number of motor vehicles, parking will be safer, more standardized and easier to manage in the future. The parking lot system is constantly upgraded and its functions are constantly improved. The selection of parking lot system also needs to be reasonably selected according to its own requirements.

What Are the Advantages of License Plate Recognition System in Parking Lot System_ Taigewang Technol 1

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